2010-01-14 David BrownellNOR: add optional "flash erase_address" sector padding
2010-01-13 David BrownellCortex-M3: improved core exception handling
2010-01-13 Øyvind Harboearm7/9: enable check that DCC downloads have been enabled
2010-01-13 Øyvind Harboearm7/9: add fn to check if dcc downloads have been...
2010-01-13 Øyvind Harboetarget: add check_reset hook
2010-01-13 Øyvind Harboegdbserver: fix typo that broke read/write watchpoint
2010-01-13 Øyvind Harboedebug: make logging of commands terser
2010-01-12 David BrownellARM: bugfix for "movt" disassembly
2010-01-11 Vladimir ZapolskiyAdded Openmoko USB JTAG interface config file.
2010-01-11 Øyvind Harboetarget: return JIM_OK instead of ERROR_OK
2010-01-11 Øyvind Harboereset: better error messages
2010-01-11 Øyvind Harboecommands: make error messages a bit more terse
2010-01-11 Øyvind Harboezy1000: reset bugfix
2010-01-11 David BrownellDoxygen file comments
2010-01-11 Øyvind Harboeshutdown: more graceful shutdown
2010-01-10 Spencer Oliverbuild: doxygen build
2010-01-10 David BrownellFreeBSD build fixes
2010-01-10 David BrownellPresto: doxygen fix
2010-01-10 David Brownelljtag/tcl help/usage fixups
2010-01-10 David BrownellZY1000 help/usage fixups
2010-01-10 David Brownelljtag: presto, parport help/usage updates
2010-01-10 David Brownelljtag/gw16012 usage/help updates
2010-01-10 David Brownellparport (mostly) doc fixes
2010-01-09 David Brownellsrc/helper: usage/help updates
2010-01-09 David Brownellsrc/flash/nor: usage/help/doc updates
2010-01-09 Spencer OliverMIPS: update arch_info access to match other targets
2010-01-09 David Brownellsrc/server: usage/help/doc updates
2010-01-09 Masaki Muranakabuildfix on MacOS
2010-01-09 David BrownellPLD: usage/help updates
2010-01-09 David BrownellNAND: help/usage/doc updates
2010-01-09 David BrownellDoc/examples: clarify usage messages
2010-01-09 David Brownell*SVF: help/usage updates
2010-01-09 David BrownellMFLASH: help/usage updates
2010-01-09 David BrownellCoexist with quilt: rename PATCHES --> PATCHES.txt
2010-01-09 David BrownellNOR: add FIXMEs for writing ones
2010-01-08 David Brownellmisc ARM help/usage updates
2010-01-08 David BrownellARM966: help/usage updates
2010-01-08 David BrownellXscale: User's Guide updates
2010-01-08 David BrownellARM720: help/usage updates
2010-01-08 David BrownellARM720: help/usage updates
2010-01-08 David BrownellARM11: help/usage updates
2010-01-08 David BrownellARM7/ARM9: help/usage updates
2010-01-08 David BrownellARMv7: help/usage updates
2010-01-07 David BrownellARM ETM/ETB/trace: help/usage updates
2010-01-07 David Brownelltarget misc: help/usage updates
2010-01-07 David BrownellXScale: help/usage updates
2010-01-07 Spencer OliverMIPS: change bulk_write_memory fallback msg to LOG_DEBUG
2010-01-07 Spencer OliverMIPS: whitespace cleanup
2010-01-06 Spencer OliverMIPS: fastdata bulk write fallback
2010-01-05 David Brownellbuildfix with -DNDEBUG
2010-01-05 David Brownelldon't require 'openocd.cfg' to start
2010-01-05 David BrownellARM: add #defines for JTAG ack codes
2010-01-05 David BrownellARM: add comments re DAP assumptions
2010-01-05 Spencer OliverMIPS: pracc access tweaks
2010-01-05 Spencer OliverPIC32: enable ram execution
2010-01-05 Spencer OliverMIPS: optimize pracc access
2010-01-05 Spencer Oliverparport: output port as hex rather than dec
2010-01-05 David ClaffeyMIPS: merge mips fast_data patch from David N. Claffey
2010-01-05 Øyvind Harboegdb: fix regression in gdb_port command
2010-01-05 Johannes Stezenbachupdate udev rules for new udev version
2010-01-05 David BrownellARMv7-M: use AP_REG_* symbol
2010-01-03 David BrownellFT2232: fix doc typo
2010-01-03 David BrownellJTAG/drivers: ft2232 docs
2010-01-03 David BrownellJTAG/Drivers: Amontec JTAG accelerator fixes
2010-01-03 David BrownellJTAG: Amontec JTAG accelerater "rtck" is back
2010-01-03 David BrownellJTAG/drivers: cleanup jtag_interface structs
2010-01-03 David BrownellJTAG/drivers: amt_jtagaccel fixes + cleanup
2010-01-02 David BrownellARM: ADIv5 JTAG symbol cleanup
2010-01-02 David BrownellARM: dap info fix + tweaks
2010-01-02 David BrownellARM: ADIv5 export cleanup
2010-01-02 David BrownellARM: ADIv5 symbol and comment cleanup
2010-01-02 David BrownellCortex-M3: minor breakpoint cleanup
2010-01-02 David Brownellstreamline and document helptext mode displays
2010-01-02 Dean GlazeskiFix usage/help search for subcommands.
2010-01-02 Dean GlazeskiAdd the current command to the command information
2010-01-02 Antonio BorneoAdded ST FlashLINK interface config file.
2009-12-31 David BrownellUser's Guide: warn about the forum
2009-12-31 Dean GlazeskiRemove some more Eclipse stuff from Git's eyes.
2009-12-31 Antonio BorneoARM7_9: Fix segfaults
2009-12-30 Antonio Borneowhitespace cleanup, mostly for docs
2009-12-30 Antonio BorneoARM9TDMI: Fix segfault.
2009-12-30 Antonio BorneoFix parport_dcl5 config file.
2009-12-30 Øyvind Harboezy1000: add zy1000_ prefix to uart command
2009-12-30 Øyvind Harboezy1000: unlock flash upon startup for revc
2009-12-30 Øyvind Harboezy1000: reconfigure FPGA upon reset instead of just...
2009-12-30 Øyvind Harboezy1000: firmware upgrade fixes for revc
2009-12-30 Øyvind Harboezy1000: less warnings
2009-12-29 Piotr Esden... Added Open-BLDC board config file.
2009-12-29 Piotr Esden... Added floss-jtag interface config file.
2009-12-28 Freddie ChopinMinGW build fixes
2009-12-28 Freddie Chopinstm32x commands get "usage"
2009-12-28 David BrownellFix Luminary FT2232 layout docs/configs
2009-12-28 Piotr Esden... NOR: last_addr also needs correction when checking...
2009-12-27 David Brownellcreate tcl/board/dm365evm.cfg
2009-12-27 David BrownellNOR: make flash_write_unlock() pad to sector end
2009-12-26 Catalin PatuleaDriver for USB-JTAG, Altera USB-Blaster and compatibles
2009-12-26 Dean GlazeskiOlimex SAM9-L9260 board configuration update.
2009-12-26 David BrownellARM: add comment re register exports
2009-12-26 David BrownellUser's Guide: update GDB info
2009-12-26 David BrownellNOR: messaging fix