descriptionOpen On-Chip Debugger
last changeWed, 22 May 2019 09:33:44 +0000 (10:33 +0100)
25 hours ago Steven Stalliondoc/openocd.texi: fix bad aarch64 merge 81/5181/3 master
3 days ago Marek Vasuttcl/target: Fix V3M/V3H SoC chipname 40/5140/3
3 days ago Marek Vasuttcl/target: Add Renesas RZ/A1H target 41/5141/3
3 days ago Marek Vasuttcl/board: Add Renesas RZ/A1H GR-Peach board 42/5142/3
5 days ago Antonio Borneohelper/command: print the command output in case of... 78/5178/2
6 days ago Marc SchinkFix 'adapter usb location' documentation 56/5156/2
8 days ago Jan Matyasjtag/drivers/imx_gpio: fixed calls to command_print 76/5176/3
8 days ago Antonio Borneodrivers/bcm2835gpio: fix build for ARM host 74/5174/3
8 days ago Jan Matyasjtag_vpi: fixed state transitions in "stableclocks" 51/5151/3
8 days ago Megan Wachsjtag_vpi: correct runtest behavior 35/3635/4
8 days ago Marc Schinktarget: Fix breakpoint usage 39/5139/2
8 days ago Antonio Borneohelper/command: fix printing usage for incomplete commands 66/5166/3
8 days ago Antonio Borneohelper/command: send command output only to the right... 93/5093/6
8 days ago Antonio Borneotarget: fix output of command "targets" 92/5092/5
8 days ago Antonio Borneotcl/psoc4: remove "ocd_" prefixed commands 90/5090/5
8 days ago Antonio BorneoTODO: remove references to "ocd_" prefix in documentation 89/5089/5
2 years ago v0.10.0 The openocd-0.10.0 release.
2 years ago v0.10.0-rc2 The openocd-0.10.0-rc2 release...
2 years ago v0.10.0-rc1 The openocd-0.10.0-rc1 release...
4 years ago v0.9.0 The openocd-0.9.0 release.
4 years ago v0.9.0-rc1 The openocd-0.9.0-rc1 release.
5 years ago v0.8.0 The openocd-0.8.0 release.
5 years ago v0.8.0-rc2 The openocd-0.8.0-rc2 release candi...
5 years ago v0.8.0-rc1 The openocd-0.8.0-rc1 release candi...
6 years ago v0.7.0 The openocd-0.7.0 release.
6 years ago v0.7.0-rc2 The openocd-0.7.0-rc2 release candi...
6 years ago v0.7.0-rc1 The openocd-0.7.0-rc1 release candi...
6 years ago v0.6.1 The openocd-0.6.1 release.
6 years ago v0.6.0 The openocd-0.6.0 release.
6 years ago v0.6.0-rc2 The openocd-0.6.0-rc2 release.
6 years ago v0.6.0-rc1 The openocd-0.6.0-rc1 release.
7 years ago v0.5.0 The openocd 0.5.0 release.
25 hours ago master
6 years ago v0.6.1