stm32f1x: Fix byte order bug and remove unnecessary cast
[openocd.git] / tcl /
2013-10-31 Paul Fertserftdi/tumpa.cfg: enable proper output buffer control... 89/1789/2
2013-10-29 Paul Fertsertcl: add memory testing functions for board diagnostics 55/1455/4
2013-10-29 Paul FertserRemove jtag_rclk from target configs 95/1695/2
2013-10-21 Greg Ungererarmada370: initial support for Marvell Armada 370 family 90/1690/3
2013-10-15 Spencer Olivercfg: add STM32F429 discovery board config 91/1691/2
2013-10-03 Paul Fertserboard: add TM4C123G LaunchPad config 47/1647/2
2013-09-26 Franck JullienAdd new target type: OpenRISC 47/1547/16
2013-09-08 Franck Jullienjtag: drivers: Add JTAP VPI client driver 09/1609/4
2013-08-29 Spencer Olivercfg: EFM32 supports SYSRESETREQ so use it 41/1541/2
2013-08-29 Spencer Oliverefm32: set safe minimum working area 59/1559/2
2013-08-29 Pushpal SidhuAdded new ftdi interface device 63/1563/2
2013-08-15 Paul Fertserinterface/ftdi/tumpa: remove ftdi_device_desc as it... 48/1548/2
2013-08-15 Brad RienscheAdd tcl configurations for Altera Soc devices 94/1494/2
2013-08-09 Sergey Alirzaevremove the untested warning in ftdi/olimex-arm-usb... 45/1545/2
2013-08-07 Paul Fertsermdr32fx: support for Milandr's MDR32Fx internal flash... 32/1532/5
2013-08-01 Paul Fertserimx6: add new id for SJC as found on i.MX6D 33/1533/2
2013-07-15 Marek Vasutftdi/board: Add support for DENX M53EVK 61/1461/2
2013-07-15 Marek Vasuttarget: Pull out the jtag_rtck from iMX5x files 60/1460/2
2013-07-09 Laszlo Pappftdi/xds100v2.cfg: Remove the warning as it has been... 92/1492/3
2013-07-08 Andreas Fritiofsoncfg: Update Flyswatter 2 URL 78/1478/2
2013-07-07 John SzakmeisterFix a typo. 81/1481/2
2013-06-12 Giuseppe Barbastm32w: add STM32w108xx generic configuration 39/1439/4
2013-06-12 Spencer Oliverstr9: ignore boundary scan version 36/1436/2
2013-06-12 Paul Fertserftdi: config for TUMPA 38/1438/2
2013-06-10 Paul FertserAdd BCM2835 (as found in Raspberry Pi) interface driver 58/758/11
2013-06-05 Ryan CorbinAdded OpenJTAG Driver 06/1406/6
2013-06-05 Hsiangkai Wangnds32: add new target type nds32_v2, nds32_v3, nds32_v3m 59/1259/14
2013-06-05 Hsiangkai Wangaice: add Andes AICE support 56/1256/13
2013-05-29 Paul Fertserinterface/ftdi: remove "untested" warning from DP Busbl... 19/1419/2
2013-05-28 Paul Fertsertargets: fix target_type name for Cortex-A targets 20/1420/4
2013-05-10 Paul Fertserstm32 configs: use 4kB working area size by default 78/1378/3
2013-05-02 Spencer Olivercfg: remove whitespace 74/1374/2
2013-05-02 Spencer Olivercfg: ignore ICEPick jrc tap version 73/1373/3
2013-04-28 Spencer Olivertarget: rename cortex_a8 to cortex_a 30/1130/5
2013-04-28 Spencer Olivertarget: rename cortex_m3 to cortex_m 29/1129/5
2013-04-21 Andreas Fritiofsonstm32f30x: Add boundary scan TAP ID to match silicon 54/1354/2
2013-04-19 Ben Nahillstm32w: Added sample target configuration for STM32W108... 47/1347/2
2013-04-15 Peter Dietzschcfg: Added cfg script for at91sam4sd32x targets 33/1333/2
2013-04-02 Salvador Arroyopic32mx: 0 wait state option 41/1141/3
2013-03-13 Rodrigo Melointerface: opendous_ftdi config file added 96/1096/4
2013-03-07 Rodrigo Melointerface: opendous_ftdi config file added 97/1097/4
2013-03-06 Spencer Olivercfg: add Netgear DG834v3 configuration 89/1189/2
2013-03-06 Vladimir Zapolskiycfg: add basic support of Freescale i.MX6 series targets 35/1135/2
2013-03-05 Mathias KChange reset configuration. 86/1186/3
2013-02-25 Johan Almquiststm32: add support for the STM32Lx 384kb dual bank... 25/1125/9
2013-02-08 Franck Jullienjtag_interface: .speed can be NULL when not needed 31/1131/5
2013-01-14 Roman Dflash: EFM32 flash implementation 06/1106/6
2012-12-30 Spencer Olivercfg: increase stm32l-discovery working area 06/1006/2
2012-12-30 Spencer Olivercfg: stm32l use minimum family ram size for working... 05/1005/2
2012-12-30 Spencer Olivercfg: enable stlink stm32l HSI 04/1004/2
2012-12-23 Spencer Olivericdi: add TI icdi interface 22/922/16
2012-12-23 Spencer Oliverstlink: rename stlink cmd names 21/921/7
2012-12-23 Spencer Oliverstlink: use common layout 18/918/5
2012-12-11 is2tLPC1788 target configuration file. 02/1002/3
2012-11-16 Salvador ArroyoPic32mx.cfg: Change system clock to 8Mhz after reset... 05/805/3
2012-11-06 Gianluca RenziAdded support for NXP LPC1850 Microcontroller 30/930/4
2012-11-06 Gianluca RenziGeneric LPC1850 board w/ SPIFI flash. 29/929/4
2012-10-28 Peter Stugeftdi/flyswatter2.cfg: Define the LED signal
2012-10-28 Peter Stugeftdi/flyswatter2.cfg: Fix the signal layout
2012-10-02 Spencer Oliverlpc1768-stick: avoid driving srst high at startup
2012-10-02 Spencer Olivercfg: cortino tested and working
2012-10-02 Spencer Olivercfg: fix incorrect cortino reset config
2012-10-02 Spencer Olivercfg: ftdi icdi enable srst open drain config
2012-10-02 Spencer Olivercfg: update ti/stellaris url's
2012-10-02 Spencer Olivercfg: lm3s811ek config tested and working
2012-10-02 Spencer Olivercfg: fix incorrect stm32-performance stick config
2012-10-02 Spencer Olivercfg: stm32-performance stick config tested and working
2012-10-02 Spencer Olivercfg: add ti ek-lm3s9d92 config
2012-10-02 Spencer Olivercfg: add ti ek-lm3s8962 config
2012-10-02 Spencer Olivercfg: str9-comstick tested and working
2012-10-02 Spencer Olivercfg: add STM32F3-DISCOVERY board support
2012-10-02 Spencer Olivercfg: fix incorrect str9-comstick reset config
2012-10-02 Spencer Olivercfg: fix incorrect stm32f3 TAPID
2012-09-26 George HarrisAdded SPIFI flash driver, algorithms, and docs
2012-09-26 Marc Reillydrivers: new jtag bitbang driver using sysfs gpio
2012-08-29 Freddie ChopinAdd JTAG-lock-pick Tiny 2 config files
2012-08-29 Spencer Olivercfg: update for target's that support cortex_m AIRCR...
2012-08-24 Aurelien Jacobsftdi: Olimex ARM-USB-TINY validated
2012-08-14 Spencer Olivercfg: remove duplicate Olimex ARM-USB-OCD config
2012-08-09 Andrew Karpowcfg: added new openocd-usb highspeed adapter
2012-08-01 Vandra Akosadded target configs for the lpc17xx devices
2012-08-01 Joerg Fischercfg: Add Hitex LPC1768-Stick using ftdi driver
2012-08-01 Freddie Chopincfg: Add config file variants using the ftdi driver...
2012-08-01 Freddie Chopincfg: Add config file variants using the ftdi driver...
2012-08-01 Freddie Chopincfg: Add config file variants using the ftdi driver...
2012-08-01 Freddie Chopincfg: Add config file variants using the ftdi driver...
2012-07-30 Vandra Akoslpc1768.cfg abstracted and moved to lpc17xx.cfg
2012-07-30 Andreas Fritiofsoncfg: remove deprecated stm32 target configs
2012-07-19 Tom Riniboard: Add TI AM335x Evaluation Module
2012-07-17 Freddie ChopinAdd config file for Lattice LC4032ZE CPLD (ispMACH...
2012-07-11 Spencer Oliverflash: add stm32f3x support
2012-06-26 Christopher Kilgourkinetis: update support for all program flash granularities
2012-06-26 Vandra Akoslpc1768.cfg pulled out constants from flash init as...
2012-05-25 Mathias Kboard: Add Sony Ericsson J100I Phone
2012-05-25 Mathias Kconfig: Add TI Calypso CPU configuration
2012-05-21 Spencer Olivertarget: remove legacy target events
2012-05-14 Spencer Oliverjtag: add opendous and estick support
2012-05-14 Freddie ChopinUse hardware reset and connect under reset on boards...
2012-05-14 Spencer Olivercfg: add stm320518-eval onboard stlink config
2012-05-08 Spencer Olivercfg: increase stm32f0discovery board working area