omap3530.cfg: use new "reset-assert" event
[openocd.git] / tcl / target / omap3530.cfg
2009-11-28 David Brownellomap3530.cfg: use new "reset-assert" event
2009-11-26 David Brownellomap3530.cfg: yes we have SRAM!
2009-10-27 David Brownellomap3530: target reset/init improvements
2009-10-05 David BrownellMerge branch 'master' of ssh://dbrownell@openocd.git...
2009-10-02 mluUpdated reset event handling in omap3530 cfg
2009-09-21 dbrownellRemove annoying end-of-line whitespace from tcl/* files
2009-09-19 mluReduced sleep time after reset
2009-09-18 mluMove Cortex A8 debug access initialisation from omap353...
2009-09-13 oharboeMagnus Lundin <> Disable poll while...
2009-09-11 oharboetap post reset event added. Allows omap3530 to send...
2009-08-25 oharboeuse cortex_a8 instead of cortex_m3
2009-06-17 zwelchDavid Brownell <>:
2009-05-27 zwelchMove TCL script files -- Step 2 of 2: