ARM11: basic watchpoint support
[openocd.git] / src / target / arm11_dbgtap.h
2009-12-05 David BrownellARM11: basic watchpoint support
2009-12-04 David BrownellARM DPM: share debug reason logic
2009-12-03 Zachary T Welchchange #include "arm11.h" to <target/arm11.h>
2009-12-03 David BrownellARM11: store a clean copy of DSCR
2009-12-03 David BrownellARM DPM: tweak initialization
2009-11-24 David BrownellARM11: implement provider for new DPM interface
2009-11-22 David BrownellARM11: remove unused state and exports
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welcharm11_sc7_action_t -> struct arm11_sc7_action
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welcharm11_common_t -> struct arm11_common
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchscan_field_t -> struct scan_field
2009-11-08 Zachary T WelchAdd private header for ARM11 internals.