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authorFreddie Chopin <>
Fri, 7 Sep 2012 09:04:05 +0000 (11:04 +0200)
committerFreddie Chopin <>
Fri, 7 Sep 2012 09:04:05 +0000 (11:04 +0200)
new cycle for version 0.7.0.

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@@ -4,41 +4,16 @@ repository history for details about what changed, including
 bugfixes and other issues not mentioned here.
 JTAG Layer:
-       New STLINK V1/V2 JTAG/SWD adapter support.
-       New OSJTAG adapter support.
-       New Tincantools Flyswatter2 support.
-       Improved ULINK driver.
-       Improved RLINK driver.
-       Support for adapters based on FT232H chips.
-       New experimental driver for FTDI based adapters, using libusb-1.0 in asynchronous mode.
 Boundary Scan:
 Target Layer:
-       New Cortex-M0 support.
-       New Cortex-M4 support.
-       Improved Working area algorithm.
-       New RTOS support. Currently linux, FreeRTOS, ThreadX and eCos.
-       Connecting under reset to Cortex-Mx and MIPS chips.
 Flash Layer:
-       New SST39WF1601 support.
-       New EN29LV800BB support.
-       New async algorithm support for selected targets, stm32, stellaris and pic32.
-       New Atmel SAM3S, SAM3N support.
-       New ST STM32L support.
-       New Microchip PIC32MX1xx/2xx support.
-       New Freescale Kinetis K40 support.
 Board, Target, and Interface Configuration Scripts:
-       Support Dangerous Prototypes Bus Blaster.
-       Support ST SPEAr Family.
-       Support Gumstix Verdex boards.
-       Support TI Beaglebone.
-       Improved HACKING info for submitting patches.
-       Fixed numerous broken links.
 Build and Release:
diff --git a/NEWS-0.6.0 b/NEWS-0.6.0
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+This file includes highlights of the changes made in the
+OpenOCD  source archive release.  See the
+repository history for details about what changed, including
+bugfixes and other issues not mentioned here.
+JTAG Layer:
+       New STLINK V1/V2 JTAG/SWD adapter support.
+       New OSJTAG adapter support.
+       New Tincantools Flyswatter2 support.
+       Improved ULINK driver.
+       Improved RLINK driver.
+       Support for adapters based on FT232H chips.
+       New experimental driver for FTDI based adapters, using libusb-1.0 in asynchronous mode.
+Boundary Scan:
+Target Layer:
+       New Cortex-M0 support.
+       New Cortex-M4 support.
+       Improved Working area algorithm.
+       New RTOS support. Currently linux, FreeRTOS, ThreadX and eCos.
+       Connecting under reset to Cortex-Mx and MIPS chips.
+Flash Layer:
+       New SST39WF1601 support.
+       New EN29LV800BB support.
+       New async algorithm support for selected targets, stm32, stellaris and pic32.
+       New Atmel SAM3S, SAM3N support.
+       New ST STM32L support.
+       New Microchip PIC32MX1xx/2xx support.
+       New Freescale Kinetis K40 support.
+Board, Target, and Interface Configuration Scripts:
+       Support Dangerous Prototypes Bus Blaster.
+       Support ST SPEAr Family.
+       Support Gumstix Verdex boards.
+       Support TI Beaglebone.
+       Improved HACKING info for submitting patches.
+       Fixed numerous broken links.
+Build and Release:
+For more details about what has changed since the last release,
+see the git repository history.  With gitweb, you can browse that
+in various levels of detail.
+For older NEWS, see the NEWS files associated with each release
+(i.e. NEWS-<version>).
+For more information about contributing test reports, bug fixes, or new
+features and device support, please read the new Developer Manual (or
+the BUGS and PATCHES.txt files in the source archive).
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-AC_INIT([openocd], [0.6.0],
+AC_INIT([openocd], [0.7.0-dev],
   [OpenOCD Mailing List <>])