2010-03-10 Spencer OliverMIPS: make fixed code arrays static const
2010-03-10 Spencer OliverJLINK: user info message cleanup
2010-03-10 Spencer OliverPIC32: add flash algorithm support
2010-03-10 Spencer OliverSTM32: flash loader cleanup
2010-03-10 Spencer OliverSTR7: flash loader cleanup
2010-03-10 Spencer OliverSTR9: flash loader cleanup
2010-03-10 Spencer OliverADUC702x: flash loader cleanup
2010-03-09 Antonio BorneoCFI CORE: bug-fix protect single sector
2010-03-09 David Brownellmove a constant table to .rodata section
2010-03-08 Antonio Borneocfi: simplify and clearify code
2010-03-08 Øyvind Harboezy1000: embedded ice dcc tweak
2010-03-08 Øyvind Harboejtag: simplify jtag_add_plain_ir/dr_scan
2010-03-08 Øyvind Harboejtag: jtag_add_ir_scan() now takes a single field
2010-03-08 Øyvind Harboejtag: retire tap field
2010-03-06 Antonio BorneoCFI: review print of Voltage values
2010-03-06 David Brownelldoc: not all debug adapters are "dongles"
2010-03-06 David BrownellREADME: update libftdi version
2010-03-05 David BrownellADIv5 share DAP command support
2010-03-05 Øyvind Harboeminidriver: fix arm11 compilation problem
2010-03-05 David Brownellrename "swjdp_common" as "adiv5_dap"
2010-03-04 David BrownellNOR: trim range in flash_driver_protect()
2010-03-04 David BrownellNOR: invalidate cached state on target resume
2010-03-03 David BrownellNOR: stellaris message tweaks
2010-03-03 Spencer OliverSTM32: Add Value Line Flash Programming Support
2010-03-03 David BrownellADIv5: use new DAP ops for AP read/write
2010-03-03 David BrownellADIv5: use new DAP ops for DP read/write
2010-03-03 David BrownellADIv5: use new dap_run() operation
2010-03-03 David BrownellARM: start abstracting ADIv5 transports (JTAG/SWD)
2010-03-02 David Brownelltarget_resume() doxygen
2010-03-02 David BrownellLPC1768 updates, IAR board support
2010-03-02 David BrownellADIv5: use right ID for Cortex-M3 ETM
2010-03-01 David Brownellarm_semihosting buildfix
2010-03-01 Øyvind Harboezy1000: faster jtag_add_ir_scan()
2010-03-01 Øyvind Harboezy1000: arm11 load is now faster
2010-03-01 Øyvind Harboezy1000: add jtag_add_tms_seq support
2010-03-01 Øyvind Harboejtag: the post TAP state is now passed to the drivers
2010-02-28 Spencer Oliverarmv4_5: remove core_type check in mcr/mrc cmd
2010-02-28 Spencer Olivercm3-ftest: change to use arm disassemble
2010-02-28 Spencer Oliverstellaris: recover_command use usleep rather than sleep
2010-02-28 Spencer OliverFT2232: add missing enum when using ftd2xx library
2010-02-28 Spencer Oliversemihosting: add armv7m semihosting support
2010-02-28 Spencer Oliversemihosting: move semihosting cmd to arm cmd group
2010-02-28 Spencer OliverCortexM3: move disassemble cmd to arm cmd group
2010-02-28 Spencer OliverARMv7M: add arm cmd group
2010-02-28 Spencer OliverMIPS: add mips algorithm support
2010-02-28 Spencer OliverARMv7M: use software breakpoints for algorithms
2010-02-28 Mariano AlviraAdd board/redbee-usb.cfg
2010-02-28 Mariano Alviraadd board/redbee-econotag.cfg and JTAG support
2010-02-28 Mariano AlviraAdd target/mc13224v.cfg
2010-02-27 David Brownellnew "stellaris recover" command
2010-02-27 David BrownellADIv5 DAP ops switching to JTAG or SWD modes
2010-02-27 David Brownellft2232: implement TMS sequence command
2010-02-27 David Brownellinterface: define TMS sequence command
2010-02-25 Mariano Alviraft2232: add a mechanism to specify channel in layout...
2010-02-25 David BrownellARM ADIv5 doxygen and cleanup
2010-02-25 Hans Peter... AVR flash: handle AT90CAN128 chips
2010-02-24 David BrownellARM ADIv5: rename more JTAG-specific routines
2010-02-22 Øyvind Harboearm11: improve performance using minidriver hook
2010-02-22 Øyvind Harboearm11: allow minidrivers to implement inner loop of...
2010-02-22 Øyvind Harboezy1000: jtag_add_dr_scan() performance improvement
2010-02-22 David Brownellft2232 table init cleanup
2010-02-22 David BrownellDeveloper's Guide: refresh release procedures
2010-02-21 David BrownellADIv5: relocate memacess_tck cycles
2010-02-21 David BrownellADIv5: remove ATOMIC/COMPOSITE interface mode
2010-02-21 David BrownellARM: ADIv5, deadcode cleanup
2010-02-21 David BrownellARM: ADIv5 code shrinkage, cleanup
2010-02-21 David BrownellADIv5 clean up AP fault handling
2010-02-21 David BrownellADIv5 clean up AP selection and register caching
2010-02-21 David BrownellARM: keep a handle to the PC
2010-02-21 David BrownellARM DPM: support adding/removing HW breakpoints
2010-02-21 David BrownellARM11: per-core options should not be global
2010-02-21 David BrownellARMv7-M: start using "struct arm"
2010-02-21 David BrownellOpen the merge window for the 0.5.0 release cycle.
2010-02-21 David BrownellLabel builds as OpenOCD v0.4.0 v0.4.0
2010-02-21 David BrownellUser's Guide mentions OS-specific installation
2010-02-21 David Brownellarm920t line length cleanup
2010-02-21 David BrownellCSB337 board cleanup (quasi-regression)
2010-02-20 David BrownellFreeBSD buildfix
2010-02-19 Marc Pignatatm920t : fix breakpoints and data cache handling
2010-02-17 David BrownellARM920T scanchain 15 comments/cleanup
2010-02-15 Øyvind Harboegpl: fix GPL startup message
2010-02-15 David BrownellLPC1768.cfg -- partial fixes for bogus reset-init handler
2010-02-14 Mathias Kuesterfix crash with DSP563XX
2010-02-14 David BrownellNEWS: mention removal of obsolete commands
2010-02-13 David BrownellRestore "-dev" version suffix (0.4.0-rc2-dev)
2010-02-13 David Brownellv4.0-rc2 milestone v0.4.0-rc2
2010-02-12 Spencer OliverSTR9xpec: issue warning when unlocking device
2010-02-12 Spencer OliverSTM32x: issue warning when unlocking device (bug #16)
2010-02-12 Øyvind Harboearm720t: virt2phys callback added
2010-02-12 Marc Pignatarm920: add virt2phys fn
2010-02-11 Viktar Palstsiuktarget library: configuration files for openocd tested...
2010-02-11 David BrownellUser's Guide: "#" in filesystems names is bad
2010-02-10 Øyvind Harboearm11: fix another infinite loop bug
2010-02-10 David BrownellUser's Guide: clarify jtag_rclk advice
2010-02-09 Øyvind Harboetarget: add todo in target_write_memory() about alignment
2010-02-09 Spencer Oliverstr730.cfg: fix incorrect mem regions
2010-02-07 David BrownellRe-title Developer's Guide
2010-02-07 David BrownellADIv5: doxygen
2010-02-05 Øyvind Harboezy1000: complete zy1000_uart to jim command switch
2010-02-04 David BrownellARMv7-M: make DAP commands verify target is an ARMv7-M