2011-04-05 Drasko DRASKOVICAdded correct endianess treatment for big endian target...
2011-04-02 Øyvind Harboepandaboard: use new -dbgbase option to workaround broke...
2011-04-01 Øyvind Harboecortex_a: delete dbgbase hack vestiges
2011-04-01 Michel JAOUENcortex_a: fix gaffe in first implementation of -dbgbase
2011-04-01 Øyvind HarboeMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into HEAD
2011-04-01 Øyvind Harboemips: fix gaffe in previous commit
2011-04-01 Øyvind Harboecortex_a: remove broken dbgbase patchup code
2011-04-01 PhilAdded s19 to (fast_)load_image documentation to match...
2011-04-01 Øyvind Harboemips: illustrates how to improve performance
2011-04-01 Øyvind Harboetypes: write memory now uses const
2011-03-31 Øyvind Harboemips: delete kludgy code that modifies data sent to...
2011-03-31 Øyvind Harboestartup: fix bugs in cleanup upon errors during startup
2011-03-31 Øyvind Harboemips: mips32_pracc_exec error propagation fixes
2011-03-31 Øyvind Harboemips: mips_ejtag_get_impcode error propagation added
2011-03-31 Øyvind Harboemips: fix mips_ejtag_set_instr error handling
2011-03-31 Øyvind Harboemips: fix error handling for jtag_execute_queue()
2011-03-31 Øyvind Harboexscale: fix gaffe in phys write
2011-03-31 Øyvind Harboecortex-a: use -dbgbase option
2011-03-31 Øyvind Harboetarget: add -dbgbase option to target configuration
2011-03-30 Olivier Schonkenat91sam3: Modified cidr comparisson to ignore version...
2011-03-30 Øyvind Harboedocs: add HACKING file to help users get started with...
2011-03-30 Alexandre Pereira... Clarify LPC32XX address cycles message
2011-03-30 Alexandre Pereira... Add Micron 2GiB nand
2011-03-29 Andrew Lyonbugfix for step <address> mips_m4k
2011-03-27 Øyvind Harboecommand: fix leak when executing commands
2011-03-22 Øyvind Harboecortex_a: rename cortex_a8.c/h to cortex_a.c/h
2011-03-22 Øyvind Harboeomap4430: tried to add in workaround for broken dbgbase...
2011-03-22 Øyvind Harboecortex a9: merge cortex a9 and a8 code
2011-03-22 Øyvind Harboeomap4430: cortex a9 and a8 are now merged again
2011-03-21 Øyvind Harboezy1000: fix bug in ir scan handling
2011-03-21 Øyvind Harboezy1000: removed JTAG master TCP/IP server
2011-03-20 Øyvind Harboedsp563xx_once: fix warning and potential bug
2011-03-18 Øyvind Harboezy1000: add code to check that SRST asserts
2011-03-17 Mathias Ktarget: allow targets to override memory alignment
2011-03-17 John and Tina... SYS_WRITE0 fix
2011-03-17 Uwe HermannFix a bunch of typos.
2011-03-15 Øyvind Harboedsp563xx: fix alignment warnings
2011-03-15 Øyvind Harboedsp563xx: fix bug in x buffer handling
2011-03-15 Øyvind Harboezy1000: switch to pthread
2011-03-15 Øyvind Harboezy1000: fix JTAG over TCP/IP performance problem
2011-03-15 Øyvind Harboezy1000: fix incorrect usage of jtag_sleep()
2011-03-15 Øyvind Harboejtag: clean up jtag_sleep, handle short sleeps correctl...
2011-03-15 Øyvind Harboezy1000: reduce memory usage for fw upgrade fn
2011-03-13 Aaron Carrollomap4430: add Blaze config
2011-03-13 Aaron Carrollomap4430: force hardware breakpoints for GDB
2011-03-13 Jean-Christophe... jlink: add Emulator configuration support
2011-03-13 Jean-Christophe... jlink: add detect hw type
2011-03-13 Jean-Christophe... jlink: use tap buffer as 2k
2011-03-13 Jean-Christophe... jlink: add capability dumper and command
2011-03-03 Mathias Kft2232: fix log message and change log output to debug
2011-03-03 Jean-Christophe... at91: add at91sam9g45 support
2011-03-03 Jean-Christophe... at91: add at91sam9g10 support
2011-03-03 Jean-Christophe... at91sam9260: update sram information
2011-03-03 Jean-Christophe... at91: add at91sam9263 support
2011-03-03 Jean-Christophe... at91: add at91sam9261 support
2011-03-03 Jean-Christophe... at91sam9: factorise cpu support
2011-03-02 Jean-Christophe... jlink: add jlink_pid to specify the pid to use
2011-03-02 Jean-Christophe... jlink: switch commands to subcommands
2011-03-02 Jean-Christophe... jlink: harmonise the device name to J-Link
2011-03-02 Jean-Christophe... jlink: add new PID and VID
2011-02-28 Øyvind Harboesvf: add nil option that just runs through the svf...
2011-02-25 Øyvind Harboelog: debug level is between silent and debug output...
2011-02-25 Øyvind Harboejtag: add wait_srst_deassert command
2011-02-24 Mathias Kft2232: fix possible read buffer overflow
2011-02-23 Luca Ellerocortex_a8: remove dap_ap_sel calls
2011-02-23 Jean-Christophe... add at91rm9200-ek board support
2011-02-23 Jean-Christophe... jlink: set the speed at JLINK_MAX_SPEED when an exceede...
2011-02-21 Mathias Kdsp563xx: rudimentary gdb support
2011-02-21 Edgar Grimberggitmodules: use http protocol for git2cl module
2011-02-18 SimonQianfix compile error under MinGW
2011-02-18 Luca Ellerostm32: add ID for medium density device Rev Z
2011-02-17 Luca Elleroarm_adi_v5: add/move apsel member in struct adiv5_dap
2011-02-17 Mathias Kdsp563xx: minor fixes, code cleanup
2011-02-17 Mathias Kdsp563xx_once: Correct wrong return value on jtag commu...
2011-02-17 Mathias K- remove pipeline context, use once register instead...
2011-02-15 Bjarne Steinsbolpc32xx: Flash driver
2011-02-15 Mathias K- add parameter flush to the once api to signalize...
2011-02-15 Mathias K- add bulk memory write function - execute jtag queue...
2011-02-15 Phil Fongdsp563xx_once: Correct definition of JTAG_INSTR_CLAMP
2011-02-14 Mathias Kft2232: add functions for ft2232 set data bits high...
2011-02-14 Luca Ellerocortex_a9: move dap_ap_select to arm_avi_v5
2011-02-14 Luca Elleroarm_adi_v5: add wrapping transfer functions with select...
2011-02-14 Luca Elleroarm_adi_v5: add transfer functions prototypes with...
2011-02-14 Luca Ellerocortex_a9: check if MMU is enabled on APB read/write...
2011-02-14 Luca Ellerocortex_a9: check target halted on APB read/write memory
2011-02-14 Luca Ellerocortex_a9: trivial fixes
2011-02-10 Spencer Oliverbuikd: fix cygwin -mno-cygwin build error
2011-02-10 Luca Ellerocortex_a9: implement read/write memory through APB-AP
2011-02-10 Aaron Carrollcortex_a9: fix dap_ap_select() usage
2011-02-08 Michal Deminbuspirate: Fix command parsing, fix errors to have...
2011-02-08 Mathias Kperformance: committed wrong version of buf_set_buf...
2011-02-08 Luca Elleroomap4430: Add JRC TAPID for PandaBoard REV EA1 (PEAP...
2011-02-08 Mathias Kdsp563xx: add x, y and p memory access
2011-02-08 Luca Ellerocortex_a8/a9: fix some comments
2011-02-08 Mathias Kbuf_set_buf around 30% speed increase
2011-02-04 Øyvind Harboestm32x: add support for STM32F20x
2011-02-03 Mathias Kmore changes to dsp563xx code
2011-02-03 Mathias K24bit buffer support
2011-02-02 Aaron Carrollomap4430: fix reset sequence
2011-02-02 Aaron Carrollcortex_m3: allow scripts to override reset