2010-01-03 David BrownellJTAG: Amontec JTAG accelerater "rtck" is back
2010-01-03 David BrownellJTAG/drivers: cleanup jtag_interface structs
2010-01-03 David BrownellJTAG/drivers: amt_jtagaccel fixes + cleanup
2010-01-02 David BrownellARM: ADIv5 JTAG symbol cleanup
2010-01-02 David BrownellARM: dap info fix + tweaks
2010-01-02 David BrownellARM: ADIv5 export cleanup
2010-01-02 David BrownellARM: ADIv5 symbol and comment cleanup
2010-01-02 David BrownellCortex-M3: minor breakpoint cleanup
2010-01-02 David Brownellstreamline and document helptext mode displays
2010-01-02 Dean GlazeskiFix usage/help search for subcommands.
2010-01-02 Dean GlazeskiAdd the current command to the command information
2010-01-02 Antonio BorneoAdded ST FlashLINK interface config file.
2009-12-31 David BrownellUser's Guide: warn about the forum
2009-12-31 Dean GlazeskiRemove some more Eclipse stuff from Git's eyes.
2009-12-31 Antonio BorneoARM7_9: Fix segfaults
2009-12-30 Antonio Borneowhitespace cleanup, mostly for docs
2009-12-30 Antonio BorneoARM9TDMI: Fix segfault.
2009-12-30 Antonio BorneoFix parport_dcl5 config file.
2009-12-30 Øyvind Harboezy1000: add zy1000_ prefix to uart command
2009-12-30 Øyvind Harboezy1000: unlock flash upon startup for revc
2009-12-30 Øyvind Harboezy1000: reconfigure FPGA upon reset instead of just...
2009-12-30 Øyvind Harboezy1000: firmware upgrade fixes for revc
2009-12-30 Øyvind Harboezy1000: less warnings
2009-12-29 Piotr Esden... Added Open-BLDC board config file.
2009-12-29 Piotr Esden... Added floss-jtag interface config file.
2009-12-28 Freddie ChopinMinGW build fixes
2009-12-28 Freddie Chopinstm32x commands get "usage"
2009-12-28 David BrownellFix Luminary FT2232 layout docs/configs
2009-12-28 Piotr Esden... NOR: last_addr also needs correction when checking...
2009-12-27 David Brownellcreate tcl/board/dm365evm.cfg
2009-12-27 David BrownellNOR: make flash_write_unlock() pad to sector end
2009-12-26 Catalin PatuleaDriver for USB-JTAG, Altera USB-Blaster and compatibles
2009-12-26 Dean GlazeskiOlimex SAM9-L9260 board configuration update.
2009-12-26 David BrownellARM: add comment re register exports
2009-12-26 David BrownellUser's Guide: update GDB info
2009-12-26 David BrownellNOR: messaging fix
2009-12-26 David BrownellNOR: Allocate the right amount of memory
2009-12-26 David Brownellcygwin 1.7 build fixes
2009-12-26 Antonio BorneoPARPORT code cleanup:
2009-12-21 David BrownellRestore "-dev" version suffix
2009-12-21 David Brownellv0.4.0-rc1 milestone v0.4.0-rc1
2009-12-21 David BrownellPackaging fix, NEWS update
2009-12-21 David BrownellPackaging fix
2009-12-21 Oyvind Harboehelp: list all commands that match string
2009-12-21 David BrownellCortex-M3: cleanup
2009-12-20 David BrownellARM11: recognize ARM11 MPCore
2009-12-20 Antonio Borneoarm7_9: Support VINITHI signal
2009-12-19 David Brownellcygwin build fixes
2009-12-19 Dean GlazeskiAT91SAM9 NAND flash driver.
2009-12-19 David Brownelloocd_trace buildfixes
2009-12-19 David BrownellETM: add "etm trigger_debug" command
2009-12-19 David BrownellETM: more ETM_CTRL bit cleanup
2009-12-19 David BrownellETM: start cleaning up ETM_CTRL bit handling
2009-12-19 David BrownellETM trigger_percent becomes an ETB command
2009-12-19 David BrownellNEWS: mention libftdi 0.17
2009-12-18 David BrownellNOR FLASH: only erase/unlock whole sectors
2009-12-18 David BrownellSubject: flash fill[bwh] should use bulk i/o
2009-12-18 David Brownellstellaris: fix min buffer length checks
2009-12-18 David BrownellXScale: better {read,write}_phys()
2009-12-18 David Brownelldsp563xx: cygwin build fixes
2009-12-18 David Brownellstellaris: update bulk flash writes
2009-12-18 Dean GlazeskiNAND write data page refactoring.
2009-12-18 Dean GlazeskiNAND read data page refactor.
2009-12-17 Spencer Olivertarget.cfg: update to use new flash configuration syntax
2009-12-16 David BrownellRemove duplicate Olimex-"tiny" interface
2009-12-16 David BrownellJTAG: shrink "scan_chain" output
2009-12-16 David Brownellstellaris: comments
2009-12-16 David Brownellstellaris: probe() cleanups
2009-12-16 David Brownellstellaris: remove needless code
2009-12-16 David Brownellstellaris: avoid chip writes
2009-12-16 David BrownellNOR: bugfix "flash fill[bwh] ..." helptext
2009-12-16 Øyvind Harboezy1000: removed some redundant include
2009-12-16 Øyvind Harboeecos: crisper implementation of timeval_ms()
2009-12-16 Øyvind Harboeserver: server loop will exhaust data inputs before...
2009-12-15 David Brownellmore tcl/{board,target} cleanup
2009-12-15 David Brownelltesting/examples/.../*cfg: rm jtag_device calls
2009-12-15 David BrownellXScale: use all-ones for BYPASS, not five-ones
2009-12-15 mkdorg@users... target: add basic dsp563xx support
2009-12-15 Øyvind Harboezy1000: keep up with command.h cleanup
2009-12-15 Øyvind Harboecommand: retire obsolete macro
2009-12-15 Øyvind Harboeimx31: move srst delay into config script
2009-12-15 David BrownellARM11: improved reset support
2009-12-15 David BrownellARM: disassemble STM correctly
2009-12-15 David Brownelllm3748: use new Stellaris config file
2009-12-15 Yegor YefremovCommon target file for Stellaris chips
2009-12-14 Eric Wetzelstellaris: device IDs
2009-12-14 David Brownelljtag: add '-ignore-version' option
2009-12-13 David Brownelltarget files shouldn't #include <target/...h>
2009-12-13 David Brownelltarget: further shrink Jim-awareness
2009-12-12 David BrownellLPC2000: rename "r13_svc" as "sp_svc"
2009-12-12 David BrownellARM11: avoid pointless status returns
2009-12-12 Zachary T Welchadd missing call to add new NAND devices
2009-12-12 Zachary T Welchfix 'write_image' usage information
2009-12-11 David BrownellARM DPM: support updating HW breakpoints
2009-12-11 David BrownellARM: disassembly fixes for LDC/STC/MRRC/MCRR
2009-12-11 David BrownellARM11: minor cleanup, mostly ITR comments
2009-12-11 Spencer Oliverserver: add server_preinit which is called before confi...
2009-12-11 Spencer Oliverbuild: fix cygwin build warnings
2009-12-11 Øyvind Harboegdb_server: use more local variables in inner loop...
2009-12-11 Øyvind Harboegdb_server: make struct gdb_connection private