2009-11-24 Andreas Fritiofsonimprove alloc_vprintf
2009-11-24 Zachary T Welchfix doxygen build
2009-11-24 Zachary T Welchjlink: rewrite to use jtag_usb_open
2009-11-24 Zachary T Welchjlink: remove superfluous indentation
2009-11-24 Zachary T Welchrlink: use jtag_usb_open helper
2009-11-24 Zachary T Welchrlink: eliminate spurious indentation
2009-11-24 Zachary T Welchvsllink: rewrite to use jtag_usb_open
2009-11-24 Zachary T Welchusbprog: use jtag_usb_open
2009-11-24 Zachary T Welcharm-jtag-ew: use jtag_usb_open
2009-11-24 Zachary T Welchadd jtag/usb_common.[ch] files
2009-11-24 David BrownellARM11: remove old R0..R15/CPSR code
2009-11-24 David BrownellARM11: use standard run_algorithm()
2009-11-24 David BrownellARM11: use standard single step simulation
2009-11-24 David BrownellARM11: partial support for standard ARM register interf...
2009-11-24 David BrownellARM11: remove register "history" debug stuff
2009-11-24 David BrownellARM11: implement provider for new DPM interface
2009-11-24 David BrownellARM: new DPM interface
2009-11-24 David Brownelltarget: cope with *any* error setting a breakpoint
2009-11-24 Andreas Fritiofsonsupport for scripts in $HOME/.openocd
2009-11-24 Jerry Lingmips: fix gaffe when removing dynamic array allocation
2009-11-23 Øyvind Harboearm926ejs: fix gaffe when converting from arm926ejs...
2009-11-23 Øyvind Harboearm926ejs: retire cp15 commands, handled by mrc/mcr.
2009-11-22 David BrownellARM11: remove unused state and exports
2009-11-22 David BrownellARM11: macro cleanup
2009-11-22 Øyvind Harboemips: remove dynamic arrays - reduces stack usage
2009-11-22 Øyvind Harboemips: use const for code sequences
2009-11-22 Øyvind Harboearm11: do not use dynamic arrays
2009-11-22 Øyvind Harboearm926ejs: fix warnings
2009-11-22 David BrownellTODO: ref '' not ''
2009-11-22 David BrownellARM: use arm_reg_current()
2009-11-22 David BrownellARM11: remove needless string format #ifdeffery
2009-11-22 David Brownelltarget: make register flags "bool"
2009-11-22 David BrownellARM: remove 'armv4_5_common_s' migration #define
2009-11-22 Øyvind Harboeflash: dynamically allocate working storage
2009-11-22 Øyvind Harboetarget: reduce stack usage
2009-11-22 Øyvind Harboetodo: add tip on how to identify excessive stack usage
2009-11-22 Øyvind Harboezy1000: un-break uart command after command handler...
2009-11-22 Øyvind Harboeembedded: reduce stack usage
2009-11-22 Øyvind Harboeembedded: do not allocate large temporary structures...
2009-11-22 Øyvind Harboeembedded: save stack
2009-11-22 Øyvind Harboezy1000: fix breakage in command parsing code for power...
2009-11-22 Øyvind Harboebuild: fix breakage in building bin2char
2009-11-22 David BrownellARM: arm_set_cpsr() handles T and J bits
2009-11-22 David BrownellARM: define two register utilities
2009-11-22 David BrownellARM: simplify CPSR handling
2009-11-22 David BrownellARM11: remove disabled register hooks
2009-11-21 Zachary T Welchjtag: remove useless forward declarations
2009-11-21 Zachary T Welchallow jtag interfaces to lack commands
2009-11-21 Andreas Fritiofsonshow script search dirs in debug log
2009-11-21 David BrownellARM: pass 'struct reg *' to register r/w routines
2009-11-21 David BrownellARM7/ARM9: remove old "debug commands"
2009-11-20 Zachary T Welchmaintain command lists in sorted order
2009-11-20 Zachary T Welchadd add_help_text command handler
2009-11-20 Zachary T Welchprovide command context during cmd_init
2009-11-20 Zachary T Welchimprove 'help' command
2009-11-20 Zachary T Welchfactor help script command into parts
2009-11-20 Zachary T Welchrefactor command registration
2009-11-20 Zachary T Welchchange command_find helper interface
2009-11-20 Zachary T Welchfactor script_command argv allocation
2009-11-20 David Brownelltarget.cfg: TAP id for Hilscher netX 500
2009-11-20 Zachary T Welchfix flash/nand name parsing
2009-11-20 David BrownellCortex-A8: better context restore
2009-11-20 David BrownellCortex-A8: mode support
2009-11-20 David Brownelltarget: create/use register_cache_invalidate()
2009-11-19 Dean GlazeskiNAND verify doesn't advance.
2009-11-19 Zachary T Welchdocument new flash syntax
2009-11-19 Zachary T Welchupdate 'nand device' usage in scripts
2009-11-19 Zachary T Welchadd support for naming NAND banks
2009-11-19 Zachary T Welchrefactor handle_nand_device_command
2009-11-19 Zachary T Welchupdate 'flash bank' usage in scripts
2009-11-19 Zachary T Welchadd support for naming flash banks
2009-11-19 Zachary T Welchrefactor handle_flash_bank_command
2009-11-19 Zachary T Welchrename flash and nand command helpers
2009-11-19 Zachary T Welchallow flash/nand banks commands to accept names
2009-11-19 David BrownellARM: remove per-register malloc
2009-11-19 David BrownellARM: streamline register init
2009-11-19 David BrownellCortex-A8: parts of examine() run just once
2009-11-19 Dean Glazeskinand_fileio_parse_args parses wrong param for size
2009-11-19 David BrownellARMv7-A: use standard ARM core states
2009-11-19 David BrownellARMv7-A: use standard ARM core_mode symbols
2009-11-18 Zachary T Welchfix zy1000 command handler
2009-11-18 Zachary T Welchremove fast command and jim_global_long
2009-11-18 Zachary T Welchupdate src/hello.c with parsing examples
2009-11-18 Zachary T Welchchange all bool parsers to accept any value
2009-11-18 Zachary T Welchadd handle_command_parse_bool command helper
2009-11-18 Zachary T Welchuse COMMAND_PARSE_ENABLE macro where appropriate
2009-11-18 Zachary T Welchuse COMMAND_PARSE_ON_OFF where appropriate
2009-11-18 Zachary T Welchadd COMMAND_PARSE_BOOL macro and friends
2009-11-18 David BrownellARM: rework "arm reg" output for new mode
2009-11-18 David BrownellCortex-A8: xPSR handling updates
2009-11-18 David BrownellARM: add a default full_context() method
2009-11-18 David BrownellARM: simplify ARMv7-A register handling
2009-11-18 David BrownellARM: setup "secure monitor mode" shadow regs
2009-11-18 David BrownellARM: add "core_type" field to "struct arm"
2009-11-18 Zachary T Welchfix segfault at startup
2009-11-18 Zachary T Welchpass startup_tcl to command_init
2009-11-18 Zachary T Welchsplit startup.tcl file across modules
2009-11-18 Zachary T Welchmove startup.c to libopenocd
2009-11-18 Zachary T Welchfix regression in md/mw commands
2009-11-18 Øyvind Harboejtag-api: get rid of unecessary buf_set_u23() that...