69 min ago Tomas Vanekflash/nor/stm32l4x: fix minor errors in flash write... 60/5360/4 master
72 min ago Tomas Vanekflash/nor/stm32l4x: use flash infrastructure to align... 59/5359/3
73 min ago Marc Schinktcl/board: Add config for STM32WB Nucleo board 58/5358/2
8 hours ago Tomas Vanektarget/arm_cti: fix regression from Tcl_return_values... 63/5363/2
8 hours ago Marek Vasutflash/nor/nrf5: Fix build error on OSX 01/5401/2
5 days ago Antonio Borneojtag: drivers: xlnx-pcie-xvc: fix build after merge 02/5402/2
5 days ago Marek Vasutflash/nor/sh_qspi: Add SH QSPI driver 43/5143/17
5 days ago Oleksij Rempeljtag_libusb_bulk_read|write: return error code instead... 90/4590/21
7 days ago Jiri Kastnermips_ejtag: there is no DCR.MIPS64 bit 28/4628/6
10 days ago Moritz Fischerjtag: drivers: xlnx-pcie-xvc: Add support for Xilinx... 14/5314/15
11 days ago Marek Vasutflash/nor: Rename flash_address() to cfi_flash_address() 91/5391/7
11 days ago Marek Vasutflash/nor: Rename get_cfi_info() to cfi_get_info() 90/5390/7
11 days ago Marek Vasutflash/nor: Allow CFI memory read/write functions be... 47/5147/17
11 days ago Marek Vasutflash/nor: Drop size argument of cfi_target_{read,write... 89/5389/6
11 days ago Marek Vasutflash/nor: Pass flash_bank to memory accessors 46/5146/16
11 days ago Tomas Vanektarget/xscale: remove duplicated command 82/5382/2
11 days ago Tomas Vanektarget/etm: add check for calloc error 81/5381/2
11 days ago Tomas Vanektarget/semihosting_common: fix minor memory leak 80/5380/2
11 days ago Tomas Vanektarget/target: fix clang static analyzer warnings 79/5379/2
11 days ago Tomas Vanektarget/avr32_jtag: fix error returns 78/5378/3
11 days ago Tomas Vanektarget/arm_dpm: add missing error returns 77/5377/2
11 days ago Tomas Vanektarget/arm946e: add missing error detection 76/5376/2
11 days ago Tomas Vanekserver/server: fix clang static analyzer warning 73/5373/2
11 days ago Tomas Vanekxsvf: fix memory leak 72/5372/2
11 days ago Tarek BOCHKATIflash/nor/stm32l4x: add support of STM32L4P5/L4Q5x... 92/5392/2
11 days ago Tarek BOCHKATIflash/nor: add support of STM32WB on top STM32L4 flash... 33/4933/6
11 days ago Tarek BOCHKATIflash/nor: add support of STM32L41/L42xx 34/4934/6
11 days ago Tarek BOCHKATIflash/nor/stm32l4x : add structure containers to hold... 32/4932/13
13 days ago Christopher Headtarget/target: parse value as proper type 19/5219/3
13 days ago Antonio Borneostlink: fix handling of DPv1 and DPv2 banked registers 78/4978/6
13 days ago Antonio Borneostlink: add DAP direct driver 04/4904/9
13 days ago Antonio Borneoadi_v5_dapdirect: add support for adapter drivers that... 03/4903/8
13 days ago Antonio BorneoTODO: add restructuring of JTAG/adapter layer 01/4901/8
13 days ago Antonio Borneoadapter: switch from struct jtag_interface to adapter_d... 00/4900/8
13 days ago Antonio Borneodrivers/kitprog: remove unused JTAG execute_queue method 99/4899/8
13 days ago Antonio Borneohla: remove empty JTAG execute_queue method 98/4898/8
13 days ago Antonio Borneojtag: print an errmsg on using jtag API for non jtag... 97/4897/8
13 days ago Antonio Borneohla: use the new system_reset API 96/4896/7
13 days ago Antonio Borneobitbang: jtag-only drivers: switch to new reset API 00/5300/3
13 days ago Antonio Borneoswd: get rid of jtag queue to assert/deassert srst 95/4895/7
2020-01-05 Marek Vasutflash/nor: Factor out CFI memory read/write functions 45/5145/11
2020-01-05 Marek Vasutflash/nor: Factor out cfi_spansion_unlock_seq() 44/5144/11
2020-01-03 Keir Fraserflash/nor/stm32f2x: Support value line chips with trimm... 26/4926/12
2020-01-02 Antonio Borneoarm_adi_v5: add API send_sequence() and use it 02/4902/7
2020-01-02 Antonio Borneotcl: update scripts after "jtag_reset" got deprecated 87/5287/3
2020-01-02 Antonio Borneojtag: replace command "jtag_reset" with "adapter [de... 86/5286/3
2020-01-02 Antonio Borneoadapter: add command "adapter [de]assert srst|trst... 77/5277/5
2020-01-02 Jan Matyasjtag_vpi: multiple improvements 77/5177/11
2020-01-02 Oleksandr Redchukflash/nor/stm32f1x: fix options reading from locked... 40/4940/3
2020-01-02 Marc Schinkcontrib/rpc_examples: Add (dis)connect methods 89/5189/2
2020-01-02 Rahul Masurkarrtos/FreeRTOS: Fix FreeRTOS thread list reading 73/5273/2
2020-01-02 Tomas Vanekflash/nor/kinetis: fix clang static analyzer warnings 57/5357/2
2020-01-02 Tarek BOCHKATItarget/arm_cti: add new 'ack' and 'channel' commands 15/5315/4
2020-01-02 Tarek BOCHKATIflash/nor/stm32h7: (minor) use proper variable names... 62/5362/4
2020-01-02 Icenowy Zhengtcl/target: swm050: fix to allow to use with ST-Link 97/5297/2
2019-12-21 Marc Schinktarget/armv7m_trace: Improve SWO frequency auto-detection 03/3903/5
2019-12-19 Antonio Borneohelper/command: remove unused field in struct command_r... 25/5225/2
2019-12-19 Antonio Borneotarget/armv4_5: use c99 array designator to init arm_co... 56/5256/2
2019-12-19 Antonio Borneosysfsgpio: give time to udev to change gpio permission 02/5302/3
2019-12-19 Antonio Borneogdb_server: fix extended_protocol for multi-target 10/5310/2
2019-12-19 Antonio Borneogdb_server: fix string length with semihosting_fileio 22/5322/3
2019-12-17 Tomas Vanekflash/nor/stm32f2x: fix clang static analyzer warning 56/5356/2
2019-12-16 Jan Matyasjtag_vpi: ensured constant packet size & endianness 52/5152/8
2019-12-12 Tomas Vanekflash/nor/nrf5: remove check for protected sector 48/5348/2
2019-12-12 Jimmyserver/tcl_server.c: Fix buffer overrun 52/5352/2
2019-12-10 Paul Fertserserver: gdb_server: fix memory map generation on a... 42/5342/2
2019-12-07 Tarek BOCHKATItarget/stm32h7x: add support of dual core variant of... 30/5130/11
2019-11-28 Peter Mamonovmips64: Add generic mips64 target support 22/2322/31
2019-11-28 Peter Mamonovmips: Add MIPS64 support 21/2321/28
2019-11-27 Christopher Headtarget/stm32h7x: Use AP2 to access DBGMCU when non... 42/4742/7
2019-11-27 Tarek BOCHKATIflash/nor/stm32h7x: remove options cache and some drive... 93/5293/6
2019-11-27 Tarek BOCHKATIflash/nor/stm32h7x: fix option bytes handling to work... 91/5291/4
2019-11-27 Tarek BOCHKATIflash/nor/stm32h7x: remove stm32x_options.protection2 90/5290/3
2019-11-26 Tomas Vanekflash/nor/nrf5: fix allocation of driver_priv and secto... 10/4910/3
2019-11-26 Tomas Vanekflash/nor/nrf5: show RAM size on old nRF51 devices... 68/4868/3
2019-11-26 Tomas Vanekflash/nor/nrf5: do not check FICR PPFC on nRF52 67/4867/3
2019-11-26 Tomas Vanekflash/nor/nrf5: rename registers by nRF series 66/4866/3
2019-11-26 Tomas Vanekflash/nor/nrf5: refactor sector allocation to use alloc... 65/4865/4
2019-11-26 Tomas Vanekflash/nor/nrf5: implement BPROT protection check for... 64/4864/4
2019-11-26 Tomas Vanekflash/nor/nrf5: detect newer devices without HWID table 48/4848/3
2019-11-26 Tomas Vanekflash/nor/nrf5: remove useless page padding and UICR... 19/4819/3
2019-11-23 Antonio Borneohelper: skip including sys/sysctl.h on Linux 17/5317/2
2019-11-22 Andreas FritiofsonCVE-2018-5704: Prevent some forms of Cross Protocol... 35/4335/3
2019-11-07 Ake RehnmanSTM8 Target relicensing to GPLv2 and later 31/5331/3
2019-11-07 Alexandru Gagniucjtag: usb_blaster: Add missing 'default' to switch... 33/5333/2
2019-11-07 Alexandru Gagniucjtag: jtag_vpi: Add missing 'default' to switch statement 40/5340/2
2019-10-19 Marc Schinklibjaylink: Update to latest Git version 09/5309/2
2019-10-18 Mirko Vogtnrf5: update links to compatibility matrixes for nrf5x... 43/4843/4
2019-10-18 Florian Fainellitarget/cortex_a: Extract code to read/write from/to... 27/5227/3
2019-10-18 Antonio Borneodrivers/gw16012: remove useless cast on gw16012_port 95/5195/3
2019-10-18 Andreas Fritiofsongdb_server: Support vRun packet, allow setting cmdline... 86/5186/3
2019-10-18 Alexey Brodkingdb-server: Create arch-specific structure type for... 79/5179/3
2019-10-18 Antonio Borneotarget/cortex_a: use aligned accesses for read/write... 38/5138/2
2019-10-18 Bohdan Tymkivadi_v5_jtag: avoid RAM exhaustion by limiting jtag... 48/4948/3
2019-10-18 Piotr KasprzykFix wrong end-of-region calculation 98/4798/2
2019-10-18 Andreas Fritiofsonnrf5: Fix misuse of flash bank number 75/4775/3
2019-10-18 Andreas Färbertcl/target: Add Infineon TLE987x 39/4339/3
2019-10-18 Felipe Balbistm32l0|l1: don't corrupt RCC registers 01/3601/3
2019-10-18 Andreas Fritiofsontarget: Switch to target_read_buffer() in verify_image... 17/3217/4
2019-10-15 Al DyriusUpdate FTDI C232HM cfg, and add two new cfgs from cable... 07/5307/5