update IXP42x target / XBA board config
[openocd.git] / tcl /
2010-12-19 Michael Schwingenupdate IXP42x target / XBA board config
2010-12-18 Michael TrenschAdd support for Hilscher netX controllers
2010-12-18 Antonio BorneoTCL: fix non TCL comments
2010-12-10 Spencer Oliverstm32: add STM32E-EVAL external memory config script
2010-12-09 Freddie Chopinremove srst_pulls_trst from LPC2xxx target scripts
2010-12-05 Rolf Meeserlpc2478 target config: CCLK as (mandatory) parameter
2010-12-04 Rolf MeeserAdd board config for Embedded Artists LPC2478-32
2010-12-04 Rolf MeeserFix flash name in Hitex LPC2929 board config
2010-12-03 Spencer Oliverstm32: set default soft reset config
2010-12-03 Spencer Oliverluminary: remove unused config cmds.
2010-12-02 Spencer Oliverconfig: fix luminary jtag config
2010-12-02 Freddie Chopinrename some target scripts to be consistent with the...
2010-11-30 Piotr Esden-TempskiAdded support for the blinking leds on Floss-JTAG v0...
2010-11-30 Piotr Esden-TempskiUpdated Floss-JTAG config file to support v0.3 and...
2010-11-23 Antonio BorneoFLASH/NOR: rename from spearsmi to stmsmi
2010-11-23 Antonio BorneoSTR750: Add SMI interface support
2010-11-16 Antonio BorneoTCL/SPEAr: Added Serial flash in board file
2010-11-09 Antonio BorneoTCL scripts: replace "puts" with "echo"
2010-11-09 Andrew Leechlpc3131: target definition
2010-11-06 Antonio BorneoTCL scripts: add support for ST SPEAr310
2010-11-05 Marek VasutAdd EfikaMX smarttop board support
2010-11-05 Marek VasutCortexA8: Introduce Freescale i.MX51 variant
2010-10-28 Øyvind Harboeimx31pdk: use rclk w/1MHz fallback
2010-10-25 Peter StugeMake systesetreq typos read sysresetreq instead
2010-10-25 Peter StugeRemove srst_pulls_trst from LPC1768 target
2010-10-10 David Brownellswj-dp.tcl (SWD infrastructure #1)
2010-09-28 Antonio BorneoTCL scripts: fix ocd_mem2array/mem2array
2010-09-27 Zachary T WelchFix omap3_dbginit to write to physical memory.
2010-09-21 Antonio BorneoTCL scripts: collect duplicated procedures
2010-09-20 Øyvind Harboetcl: remove incomplete unused tcl file
2010-09-20 Karl KurbjunAM/DM37x: Unify configuration scripts and add support...
2010-09-14 Takács Áronboard scripts: Marvell PXA270M processor has a new...
2010-08-31 Spencer Olivercortex m3: add cortex_m3 reset_config cmd
2010-08-31 Spencer Olivercfg: update Luminary config files
2010-08-19 Øyvind Harboeimx35pdk: fix clock and reset delays
2010-08-17 Øyvind Harboemcb1700: Keil MCB1700 w/1768 config script
2010-08-16 David Brownellupdate more Stellaris EK board comments
2010-08-16 David BrownellUpdate comments for some Stellaris EK boards.
2010-08-15 Oleksandr Tymoshenkoavr32: basic target script
2010-08-15 David Brownellat32ap7000 config file
2010-08-13 Øyvind Harboelpc1768: turn down the jtag clock
2010-08-13 Piotr Esden-TempskiAdded Lisa/L script as a target board.
2010-08-13 Piotr Esden-TempskiAdded support for Lisa/L builtin JTAG interface.
2010-08-12 Øyvind Harboeat91cap7a-stk-sdram.cfg: faster reset
2010-08-12 Thomas KoellerDM36x: Set OSCDIV divider
2010-08-12 Thomas KoellerDM36x: Disable unused SYSCLKs
2010-08-12 Thomas KoellerDM36x: Use enable bit for PLL pre-divider
2010-08-11 Øyvind Harboetcl: remove silly ocd_ prefix to array2mem and mem2array
2010-08-11 Øyvind Harboeboard: added at91cap7a stk w/sdram config scripts
2010-08-11 Øyvind Harboeconfig scripts: remove useless reference to OpenOCD...
2010-08-10 Ben Gardinercfg: add omapl138 support and da850evm preliminary...
2010-08-04 David BrownellLuminary-icdi comment update
2010-08-02 Øyvind Harboelpc1768: even if rclk "works", it isn't necessarily...
2010-08-01 Peter StugeSupport NGX Technologies product NGX ARM USB JTAG
2010-08-01 Peter StugeRemove srst_pulls_trst from LPC2148 target
2010-07-30 Øyvind Harboelpc7168: make flash available upon reset init
2010-07-19 Spencer Olivercfg: add Amontec JTAGkey2p interface config (Issue...
2010-07-19 Spencer Oliverflash: add nuc910 nand driver
2010-07-19 Spencer Olivercfg: update rsc-w910 script
2010-07-17 David Brownelllm3s811-ek uses generic stellaris target config
2010-07-13 Spencer Olivercfg: add Avalue RSC-W910 config
2010-06-25 Olaf Lükeat91sam3s* support
2010-06-22 Øyvind Harboeam3517 evm: use physical write to memory while target...
2010-06-22 Øyvind Harboeboard: add alpha am3517evm ti board config file
2010-06-15 Thomas KoellerDM36x: pll & clock setup
2010-06-15 michal smulskiarm1136 scripts
2010-05-26 Spencer Olivercfg: add pic32 virtual banks
2010-05-24 Freddie ChopinThere are no variants of arm7tdmi target
2010-05-24 Freddie ChopinAll LPC2xxx chips are little endian and that cannot...
2010-05-24 Freddie Chopinadd correct CPUTAPID value for LPC2129
2010-05-24 Freddie ChopinUpdate "flash bank" helper comments for LPC2xxx chips
2010-05-24 Freddie ChopinLPC23xx and LPC24xx after reset run on internal 4MHz...
2010-05-21 Øyvind Harboeat91sam9260: use RCLK
2010-05-21 Spencer Olivercfg: update stm32 performance stick config
2010-05-21 Jon Poveyboard: dm355evm.cfg SDTIMR0/1 minor naming fix
2010-05-19 Gary Carlsonreset: fix reset halt bug
2010-05-18 Marc Pignatat91rm9200 : reset_config should go to the board config...
2010-05-13 Spencer Oliverscripts: update flash bank names
2010-05-12 Øyvind Harboezy1000.cfg: gdb connect will fail first time without...
2010-05-07 Spencer Olivercfg: add stm32eval board configs
2010-04-30 Øyvind Harboezy1000: it has a CFI chip, no need for the ecosflash...
2010-04-26 Marek VasutAdd Voipac PXA270 module support
2010-04-26 Marek VasutAdd VPACLink interface definition
2010-04-24 michal smulskitelo: update configuration scripts to matched master...
2010-04-15 Antonio BorneoTCL SCRIPTS: fix command name
2010-03-26 Antonio BorneoTCL scripts: update to current "flash bank" syntax
2010-03-16 Spencer OliverPARPORT: add PARPORTADDR tcl variable
2010-03-16 Spencer OliverPIC32: add Microchip Explorer16 cfg
2010-03-15 David Brownellrename jtag_nsrst_assert_width as adapter_nsrst_assert_...
2010-03-15 David Brownellrename jtag_nsrst_delay as adapter_nsrst_delay
2010-03-15 David Brownellrename jtag_khz as adapter_khz
2010-03-15 Spencer OliverPIC32MX: update cfg script
2010-03-11 Michal DeminAdd support for Bus Pirate as a JTAG adapter.
2010-03-10 Spencer OliverPIC32: add flash algorithm support
2010-03-06 David Brownelldoc: not all debug adapters are "dongles"
2010-03-02 David BrownellLPC1768 updates, IAR board support
2010-02-28 Mariano AlviraAdd board/redbee-usb.cfg
2010-02-28 Mariano Alviraadd board/redbee-econotag.cfg and JTAG support
2010-02-28 Mariano AlviraAdd target/mc13224v.cfg
2010-02-21 David BrownellCSB337 board cleanup (quasi-regression)