Remove support for the GPL incompatible FTDI D2XX library
[openocd.git] / tcl / board / telo.cfg
2016-11-06 Andreas FritiofsonRemove support for the GPL incompatible FTDI D2XX library 37/3237/3
2010-12-18 Antonio BorneoTCL: fix non TCL comments
2010-11-09 Antonio BorneoTCL scripts: replace "puts" with "echo"
2010-04-24 michal smulskitelo: update configuration scripts to matched master...
2010-03-15 David Brownellrename jtag_nsrst_assert_width as adapter_nsrst_assert_...
2010-03-15 David Brownellrename jtag_nsrst_delay as adapter_nsrst_delay
2010-03-15 David Brownellrename jtag_khz as adapter_khz
2009-11-19 Zachary T Welchupdate 'flash bank' usage in scripts
2009-11-10 Øyvind Harboetelo.cfg: fix search paths
2009-09-30 dbrownellRemove annoying EOL whitespace (again, sigh).
2009-09-30 oharboemichal smulski <> reset now...
2009-09-21 dbrownellRemove annoying end-of-line whitespace from tcl/* files
2009-09-10 oharboemichal smulski <> telo target...