file not found SEGFAULT fix
[openocd.git] / src / target / cortex_swjdp.c
2008-10-06 ntfreak- remove build warnings
2008-10-04 oharboetimeout is now 1000ms instead of trying 100 times.
2008-09-20 ntfreak- added myself to copyright on files i remember adding...
2008-09-05 oharboeworkaround and comment for problems identified by Micha...
2008-08-20 oharboeadded gdb timeout handling + error propagation
2008-08-19 oharboeswitch to alive_sleep() to avoid gdb timeouts
2008-04-16 oharboefix SEGFAULT regression in cortex after TRST fixes
2008-03-25 ntfreak- rename log functions to stop conflicts under win32...
2008-03-11 ntfreak- 16 and 32 bit unaligned accesses supported
2008-03-02 oharboeUwe Hermann tightned up comments, etc. to follow OpenOC...
2008-02-29 oharboeUwe Hermann:
2008-02-25 drath- convert all files to unix line-ending
2008-02-25 oharboeFrom Michael Bruck
2008-01-17 ntfreak- add support for cortex_m3 target_request debugmsgs
2007-09-10 mlu- Fixed display of sector sizes in flash.c
2007-07-26 ntfreak- corrected stm32x_handle_options_write_command, incorr...
2007-06-24 ntfreak- ST STM32x cortex support added
2007-06-21 drath- added support for Intel/Marvel PXA27x (XScale) targets
2007-06-14 drath- merged support for Cortex-M3 from cortex-m3 branch...