Remove FSF address from GPL notices
[openocd.git] / src / target / arm11.h
2016-05-24 Marc SchinkRemove FSF address from GPL notices 88/3488/3
2013-06-05 Spencer Oliverupdate files to correct FSF address 26/1426/4
2012-02-06 Spencer Oliverbuild: cleanup src/target directory
2010-02-21 David BrownellARM11: per-core options should not be global
2009-12-13 David Brownelltarget files shouldn't #include <target/...h>
2009-12-07 David BrownellARM: use <target/arm.h> not armv4_5.h
2009-12-05 David BrownellARM11: basic watchpoint support
2009-12-04 David BrownellARM DPM: share debug reason logic
2009-12-04 David BrownellARM11: use shared DSCR bit names
2009-12-03 Zachary T Welchchange #include "armv4_5.h" to <target/armv4_5.h>
2009-12-03 Zachary T Welchchange #include "arm_dpm.h" to <target/arm_dpm.h>
2009-12-03 David BrownellARM11: don't expose DSCR
2009-12-03 David BrownellARM11: store a clean copy of DSCR
2009-12-03 David BrownellARM11: don't expose WDTR
2009-12-03 David BrownellARM11: don't expose RDTR
2009-12-03 David BrownellARM11: remove arm11->target
2009-11-24 David BrownellARM11: remove old R0..R15/CPSR code
2009-11-24 David BrownellARM11: remove register "history" debug stuff
2009-11-24 David BrownellARM11: implement provider for new DPM interface
2009-11-22 David BrownellARM11: remove unused state and exports
2009-11-22 David BrownellARM11: macro cleanup
2009-11-22 David BrownellARM11: remove needless string format #ifdeffery
2009-11-22 David BrownellARM11: remove disabled register hooks
2009-11-16 Zachary T Welchmove ARRAY_SIZE macro to types.h
2009-11-15 David BrownellARM11: fixup method table
2009-11-14 David BrownellARM11: revert etmr/etmw commands
2009-11-14 David BrownellARM11: switch to new "arm" base type
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchcommand_context_t -> struct command_context
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchtarget_t -> struct target
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchreg_t -> struct reg
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchreg_cache_t -> struct reg_cache
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welcharm11_reg_state_t -> struct arm11_reg_state
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welcharm11_common_t -> struct arm11_common
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welcharm11_register_history_t -> struct arm11_register_history
2009-11-10 Michael Bruckarm11: add etmr/etmw registers to access ETM via DBGTAP...
2009-11-08 Zachary T WelchAdd private header for ARM11 internals.
2009-11-08 Zachary T WelchARM11: remove exports and forward decls
2009-11-05 Øyvind Harboetarget: remove unused interface fn that clutters code
2009-10-18 Redirect 'Slash... More MinGW C99 printf compliance
2009-10-13 Øyvind HarboeDelete commented out code. Add a bit of error checking.
2009-10-09 Øyvind HarboeARM11 error checking
2009-08-28 oharboeadded arm11 timeout error messages
2009-06-18 zwelchTransform 'u32' to 'uint32_t' in src/target/arm*
2009-06-18 zwelchTransform 'u8' to 'uint8_t' in src/target
2009-06-04 oharboeunbreak arm11. TAP_INVALID is used to communicate inban...
2009-06-04 oharboeIntroduce jtag_get_end_state() fn to clarify code a...
2009-06-04 oharboeremove TAP_INVALID as argument to jtag_add_xxx() fn's
2009-05-18 oharboeMichael Bruck <> ARM11 cleanup stale...
2009-05-11 zwelchAudit and eliminate redundant #include directives in...
2009-05-09 oharboeMichael Bruck <> ARM11 C99 updates
2009-04-29 oharboecomments and debug code
2009-04-28 oharboeMichael Bruck <> macros for error...
2009-04-27 oharboemore error handling
2009-04-27 oharboea little bit more error handling in ARM11
2009-04-23 oharboeMichael Bruck <> include file fix
2009-04-22 oharboeMichael Bruck <> ARM11 various update...
2009-02-03 kc8apf- Cable driver helper API courtesy of Dick Hollenbeck...
2008-10-13 oharboefix crash when connecting GDB to powered down target
2008-10-08 ntfreak- remove build warnings from mips_m4k.c and arm11.c
2008-10-07 oharboeGeorg Acher <> - arm11 wip. run algorith...
2008-09-01 oharboeDuane Ellis: "target as an [tcl] object" feature.
2008-08-05 oharboemoves handling of problems with resetting into the...
2008-07-04 oharboeARM11 update. OpenOCD supports starting without being...
2008-04-03 oharboe- Work on fixing erase check. Many implementations...
2008-03-04 oharboeMichael Bruck - fix warnings.
2008-03-04 oharboeMichael Bruck: fix warnings.
2008-03-04 oharboeMichael Bruck:
2008-02-29 oharboeUwe Hermann:
2008-02-29 oharboeremove warnings.
2008-02-29 oharboeMichael Bruck:
2008-02-25 drath- convert all files to unix line-ending
2008-02-25 oharboeFrom Michael Bruck