armv7a: ARMv7-A MMU tools
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2018-11-08 Matthias Welwarskyarmv7a: ARMv7-A MMU tools 27/4327/19
2018-10-16 Steven Stallionesirisc: support eSi-RISC targets 60/4660/17
2018-09-10 Matthias Welwarskytarget/mem_ap: generic mem-ap target 02/4002/11
2018-07-24 Tim NewsomeAdd RISC-V support. 78/4578/5
2018-06-04 Liviu IonescuRework/update ARM semihosting 18/4518/18
2018-03-30 Matthias Welwarskytarget: restructure dap support 68/4468/25
2017-12-07 Ake Rehnmanstm8 : new target 53/3953/11
2017-02-24 Matthias Welwarskytarget: generic ARM CTI function wrapper 86/3986/3
2017-02-10 Matthias Welwarskyaarch64: add basic Aarch32 support 70/3770/9
2017-02-10 Matthias Welwarskyaarch64: add cache handling functions 74/3774/5
2017-02-10 Matthias Welwarskyaarch64: introduce dpm extension for ARMv8 42/3742/5
2017-02-10 Matthias Welwarskyaarch64: add symbolic definitions for armv8 opcodes 39/3739/5
2017-02-10 David Ungaarch64: Add ARMv8 AARCH64 support files 01/2501/25
2016-12-08 Andreas FritiofsonConvert to non-recursive make 65/3865/6
2016-12-08 Andreas Fritiofsonxscale: Move debug handler to contrib/loaders 64/3864/5
2016-06-23 Esben HaabendalSupport for Freescale LS102x SAP 96/3096/9
2016-02-13 Ivan De Cesarisquark: add Intel Quark mcu D2000 support 99/3199/2
2015-11-30 Oleksij Rempeladd armv7a_cache handlers 00/2800/16
2015-03-25 Paul Fertserdrivers/cmsis-dap: port to common SWD framework 56/2356/9
2015-03-25 Paul Fertserarmv7m: add generic trace support (TPIU, ITM, etc.) 38/2538/14
2014-08-02 Andreas FritiofsonFix some problems with the bin2char utility 76/2176/3
2014-08-02 Paul FertserProvide od+sed replacement for the bin2char helper 39/2139/7
2014-03-29 Paul FertserAdd xscale debug helper sources and everything related... 11/1911/2
2014-02-11 Adrian Burnsquark_x10xx: add new target quark_x10xx 29/1829/4
2014-01-09 Spencer Olivercmsis-dap: add initial cmsis-dap support 42/1542/19
2013-09-26 Franck JullienAdd new target type: OpenRISC 47/1547/16
2013-06-05 Hsiangkai Wangnds32: add new target type nds32_v2, nds32_v3, nds32_v3m 59/1259/14
2013-06-05 Hsiangkai Wangaice: add Andes AICE support 56/1256/13
2012-12-23 Spencer Olivertarget: add deprecated target name support 19/919/6
2012-03-11 Øyvind Harboeflash: retire unused eCos flash driver
2012-02-16 Spencer Oliverbuild: fix automake 1.11.2 issues
2012-01-03 Mathias KSTM32 ST-LINK target initial release
2011-11-01 Spencer Olivertarget: rename cortex_m3.[ch] to cortex_m.[ch]
2011-08-17 Jie Zhangremove white space before TAB
2011-08-09 Øyvind HarboeRevert "dsp5680xx: disable for now, it generates warnings"
2011-06-28 Øyvind Harboedsp5680xx: disable for now, it generates warnings
2011-06-17 Spencer Oliverbuild: add missing files to make dist
2011-06-17 Spencer Oliverbuild: add missing files from dist release
2011-05-18 Rodrigo L. Rosapartial support for 568013 and 568037, target integration.
2011-04-28 Michel Jaouensmp : infra for smp minimum support
2011-03-22 Øyvind Harboecortex_a: rename cortex_a8.c/h to cortex_a.c/h
2011-03-22 Øyvind Harboecortex a9: merge cortex a9 and a8 code
2011-01-31 Aaron Carrollcortex_a9: add source files for Cortex A9 support.
2010-11-18 Spencer Oliverbuild: add
2010-11-04 ddraskovicarm964e: Add support for ARM946E target.
2010-08-15 Oleksandr Tymoshenkoavr32: work-in-progress
2010-03-16 David BrownellADIv5 transport support moves to separate files
2009-12-21 David BrownellPackaging fix
2009-12-15 mkdorg@users.sourc... target: add basic dsp563xx support
2009-12-08 Øyvind Harboebuild: add build/src to include path
2009-12-07 David BrownellARM: use <target/arm.h> not armv4_5.h
2009-12-04 Nicolas Pitrebasic ARM semihosting support
2009-12-03 Zachary T Welchremove tertiary include paths
2009-12-03 Zachary T Welchallow #include directives to use module name
2009-12-03 Nicolas Pitreferoceon.c should be part of ARM7_9_SRC
2009-12-03 Zachary T Welchadding files required for distribution
2009-11-25 Zachary T Welchadd 'testee' target type
2009-11-24 David BrownellARM: new DPM interface
2009-11-18 Zachary T Welchsplit startup.tcl file across modules
2009-11-11 Zachary T Welchmakefiles: improve build order
2009-10-20 Zachary T WelchImprove Makefile rules for XScale debug handler; fixes...
2009-10-17 David Brownellbuild tweak for bin2char
2009-10-16 David Brownellxscale: better fix for debug_handler.bin
2009-10-14 David BrownellFix problems building xscale_debug.S
2009-10-12 David Brownellsimplify XScale debug handler installation
2009-09-21 dbrownellRemove annoying end-of-line whitespace from most src/*
2009-08-25 oharboeDavid Brownell Subset of Cortex-A8 support from Magnus...
2009-06-19 zwelchPaulius Zaleckas <>:
2009-06-09 zwelchFix make maintainer-clean for out-of-tree builds.
2009-05-31 zwelchFinal step in isolating target_type_s structure:
2009-05-31 zwelchWhitespace-only updates to automake input files:
2009-05-27 zwelchMove TCL script files -- Step 1 of 2:
2009-05-10 zwelchExtend autotools build to create shared library libopen...
2009-05-04 oharboeDirk Behme <> Add minimalist...
2009-05-02 zwelchUpdate autotools scripts to require automake 1.6. ...
2009-04-27 oharboeSimonQian <> AVR wip
2009-04-27 mluChanged armv7m and cortexm3 to use nev arm_adi_v5 inste...
2009-01-28 oharboechain position is now required when creating a target
2009-01-20 kc8apfFix 'make maintainer-clean' courtesy of Zach Welch...
2008-11-30 duanejtag newtap change & huge manual update
2008-11-02 oharboeAlan Carvalho de Assis <> imx27 config...
2008-10-31 oharboeRick Altherr <> switch to new syntax...
2008-10-21 oharboeremove duplicate target
2008-10-14 oharboetesting of syntax error in reset and at startup
2008-10-10 oharboeJohn McCarthy <> openocd-usb.cfg added
2008-10-09 oharboezy1000 1.44 snapshot
2008-10-08 oharboeJohn McCarthy <> adds support for DMA...
2008-09-04 oharboes3c2440 OpenMoko target script
2008-08-20 oharboelm3s3748 config file
2008-08-19 oharboeadded wip imx31.cfg file
2008-08-17 oharboedeleted superfluous sam7s256 which was identical to...
2008-08-11 oharboeupdated syntax for post_reset scripts
2008-08-07 oharboeDavid Kuehling <> - added jim-eventloop.c
2008-08-07 oharboelpc2148 2MHz, RCLK and clockless config script versions
2008-07-26 ntfreak- merged mips target into svn trunk
2008-07-21 oharboe- jtag_khz/speed are now single parameter only. These...
2008-07-18 oharboeDuane Ellis <> more interface...
2008-07-17 oharboeCharles Hardin <> and Øyvind Harboe
2008-07-09 ntfreak- adding missing install entry for luminary-libftdi.cfg
2008-07-04 ntfreak- added event scripts for str73x and str75x targets