gdb_server: set current_target from connection's one
[openocd.git] / src / server / gdb_server.c
2018-07-13 Antonio Borneogdb_server: set current_target from connection's one 86/4586/2
2018-07-13 Antonio Borneogdb_server: only trigger once the event gdb-detach... 85/4585/2
2018-06-06 Omair JavaidFix Semihosting FileIO for targets using vcont packet 39/4539/3
2018-06-04 Liviu IonescuRework/update ARM semihosting 18/4518/18
2018-04-07 Tomas Vanekgdb_server: gdb_memory_map() rework 36/4436/3
2018-04-07 Tim NewsomeAdd gdb_report_register_access_error command 52/4452/5
2018-03-27 Matthias Welwarskytdesc: bitfields may carry a type 59/4459/12
2018-03-16 Matthias Welwarskygdb_server: fake step if thread is not current rtos... 48/4448/11
2018-03-16 Matthias Welwarskygdb_server: fix ignored interrupt request from gdb... 45/4445/11
2018-03-15 Tomas Vanekgdb_server: prevent false positive valgrind report 20/4420/2
2018-03-15 Tomas Vanekserver: free strduped port numbers 10/4410/3
2018-03-10 Omair JavaidAllow generation of nested target defined types in... 72/4372/7
2018-02-27 Tomas Vanekgdb_server: run control fixes for vCont 32/4432/9
2018-02-21 Matthias Welwarskygdb_server: update rtos threads on new connection 00/4000/4
2018-02-21 Matthias Welwarskyrtos: facilitate RTOS SMP handling 97/3997/7
2018-02-21 Matthias Welwarskygdb_server: add support for vCont 33/3833/9
2018-01-13 Tim NewsomeAccept 64-bit addresses in CRC requests. 17/4317/3
2018-01-13 Tim NewsomeSupport listening on port 0. 16/4316/3
2018-01-13 Paul Fertserserver: gdb: always print target information in multi... 35/4135/2
2017-12-06 Marc Schinkserver/gdb: Use 'bool' instead of 'int' for boolean... 78/4278/2
2017-12-06 Marc Schinkserver/gdb: Use get_target_from_connection() 77/4277/2
2017-02-10 David Ungserver: Allow 64 address to be send over GBD server 98/2498/15
2017-02-10 Dongxue Zhangtarget: Add 64-bit target address support 00/1200/37
2016-12-08 Marc Schinkhelper: Code cleanup for hexify() 93/3793/4
2016-12-08 Steven Stalliongdb_server: support qXfer:threads:read packet 59/3559/5
2016-10-30 Tim NewsomePerform small writes before sending OK. 03/3803/2
2016-10-17 Marc Schinkhelper: Make unhexify() robust on invalid data 92/3792/2
2016-10-17 Sandeep Mistrygdb server: Add back support to disable the gdb server... 75/3175/2
2016-08-14 Peter A. Bigotgdb_server: support disabling server 37/3637/2
2016-05-24 Marc SchinkRemove FSF address from GPL notices 88/3488/3
2016-02-29 Marc Schinkhelper/fileio: Remove nested struct 22/3222/2
2015-08-06 Evan Huntergdb_server: Add check for malloc fail 71/2871/2
2015-02-22 Matej Kupljengdb_server: ignore stray + in ACK mode 45/2545/3
2014-09-29 Jon Burgessgdb_server: Include current RTOS thread in signal packets 03/2303/2
2014-03-17 Paul Fertsergdb_server: do not copy feature names for tdesc generation 28/2028/2
2014-03-07 Andreas Fritiofsongdb_server: Fix segfault in (and rewrite) decode_xfer_read 23/2023/2
2014-03-04 Spencer Olivergdbserver: fix duplicate declaration 20/2020/2
2014-03-04 Christian Eggersgdb_server: fix memory leaks in users of get_reg_featur... 17/1917/6
2014-03-04 Christian EggersConstify received GDB packet 19/1919/6
2014-03-04 Christian Eggersgdb_server: Don't modify "buf" argument in decode_xfer_... 24/1924/5
2014-03-04 Christian EggersRemove unneeded zero termination of received packet 22/1922/3
2014-02-06 Anton Kolesovgdb_server: Fix confusing warning when entering noack... 95/1895/3
2014-02-04 Paul Fertserserver/gdb_server: fix uninitialised variable warning 77/1877/2
2014-01-20 Paul Fertsergdb_server: check for invalid read memory requests 53/1853/3
2014-01-15 Hsiangkai WangConform to C99 integer types format specifiers 94/1794/5
2013-12-17 Sergey A. Borshchfix flash bank auto_probe() fail with multiple targets 13/1813/2
2013-12-01 Luca BRUNONULL check before dereferencing 09/1809/2
2013-10-31 Andreas FritiofsonClean up const usage to avoid excessive casting 68/1668/3
2013-10-03 Andreas Fritiofsongdb_server: Further cleanup of target desc functions 45/1645/2
2013-09-21 Spencer Olivergdb: cleanup gdb target description support 19/1619/6
2013-09-21 Spencer Olivergdb: enable target description support by default 18/1618/6
2013-09-21 Spencer Olivergdb: add default description reg types 22/1622/2
2013-09-13 Anton Kolesovgdb_server: Do not set gdb_con->sync to true for new... 87/1587/3
2013-08-29 Spencer Olivergdb server: do not free tdesc_filename early 54/1554/2
2013-08-07 Hsiangkai Wanggdb_server: check target before executing event callback 01/1501/2
2013-08-07 Hsiangkai Wanggdb_server: add target_debug_reason for program exit... 42/1242/17
2013-08-07 Hsiangkai Wanggdb_server: support File-I/O Remote Protocol Extension 02/1102/19
2013-08-07 Hsiangkai Wanggdb server: new feature, add stop reason in stop reply... 92/1092/16
2013-08-07 Hsiangkai Wanggdb_server: support gdb target description 82/1382/9
2013-06-05 Spencer Oliverupdate files to correct FSF address 26/1426/4
2013-05-06 Hsiangkai Wanggdb_server: remove target_handle_event from gdb event... 72/1372/2
2013-04-28 Hsiangkai Wanggdb server: Fix bug. Parse 'M' packet error. 60/1360/2
2013-04-02 Evan Huntergdb server: Fix buffer overrun - sprintf appends a... 12/1312/2
2013-03-07 Spencer Olivergdb: use stdio functions to convert parameters 28/1128/4
2013-02-26 Spencer Olivergdbserver: use common hexify/unhexify routines 05/1105/3
2012-10-28 Spencer Olivergdb: use strncmp rather than strstr
2012-10-24 Spencer OliverRevert "gdb_server : 'R' command replied by OK"
2012-10-17 Spencer Olivergdb: fix extended-remote restart
2012-10-02 Spencer Olivergdbserver: code cleanup
2012-08-24 Spencer Oliverbuild: fix memory leaks
2012-05-21 Spencer Olivertarget: remove legacy target events
2012-03-19 Mathias Kgdb_server: Simple close the connection and not exit...
2012-03-19 Mathias Kgdb_server: Fix wrong index/length compare.
2012-03-14 Mathias Kgdb_server: sanity check the gdb register size
2012-02-06 Spencer Oliverbuild: cleanup src/server directory
2012-01-18 Spencer Olivercmd: add missing usage vars
2012-01-15 Michel JAOUENrtos : receive reset info
2012-01-15 Michel JAOUENrtos : smp support
2012-01-15 Michel JAOUENrtos : remove unused parameter
2012-01-09 Øyvind Harboertos: fix bug in error handling
2011-12-02 Spencer Olivergdb_server: use strndup to allocate debug messages
2011-12-01 James ZhaoFix compile error when _DEBUG_GDB_IO_ is set
2011-11-17 Philip Nyegdb: Potential rounding error in reg_packet_size gdb_ge...
2011-11-17 Philip Nyegdb: fix multi core gdb issue
2011-11-03 Øyvind Harboegdb_server: assert to avoid malloc(0)
2011-08-24 Jie Zhangremove target argument from gdb packet handling functions
2011-06-04 Freddie ChopinFix "unused variable" warnings (errors) detected with...
2011-05-18 Jie ZhangGet register value if it's invalid in cache.
2011-04-28 Michel Jaouengdb_server : 'R' command replied by OK
2011-04-28 Michel Jaouensmp : infra for smp minimum support
2011-04-15 Broadcom Corporati... RTOS Thread awareness support wip
2010-11-15 Øyvind Harboegdb: fix occasional crash when flash probe failed
2010-11-11 Øyvind Harboegdb: improve error message when gdb connect fails
2010-10-05 Spencer Oliverbuild: remove warn_unused_result errors
2010-10-04 Spencer Olivergdbserver: fix gdb_port memory leak
2010-10-01 Øyvind Harboepipes: add documentation for pipes
2010-10-01 Øyvind Harboeserver: add support for pipes
2010-10-01 Øyvind Harboeserver: specify port as a string
2010-10-01 Øyvind Harboeserver: read/write now goes through connection fn's
2010-10-01 Øyvind Harboeserver: split file descriptors in in/out fd's