ChibiOS: struct ChibiOS_params_list[] should not be const
[openocd.git] / src / rtos / ChibiOS.c
2015-01-09 Tomas VanekChibiOS: struct ChibiOS_params_list[] should not be... 27/2427/3
2014-11-24 Christian GudrianAdded FPU support for ChibiOS/RT 54/2354/2
2014-11-24 Christian Gudrianrtos: add support for ChibiOS/RT 3.0 52/2352/5
2014-11-24 Paul Fertserrtos: allow symbols to be optional for a particular... 55/2355/3
2014-10-06 Spencer Oliverrtos: constify symbol names and lists 92/2292/3
2014-03-30 Andreas FritiofsonDon't cast return value of [cm]alloc 69/2069/2
2014-03-04 Christian EggersRTOS: Unify wipe-out of thread list 16/1916/8
2013-10-31 Andreas FritiofsonClean up const usage to avoid excessive casting 68/1668/3
2013-06-05 Spencer Oliverupdate files to correct FSF address 26/1426/4
2013-04-28 Spencer Olivertarget: rename cortex_m3 to cortex_m 29/1129/5
2012-12-23 Spencer Oliverrtos: rename stm32_stlink target to hla_target 23/923/6
2012-11-12 Matthias Blaicherrtos: Fix error in reading the current thread in ChibiOS/RT 74/974/3
2012-11-05 Matthias Blaicherrtos: Make ChibiOS code aware of endiness
2012-11-05 Matthias Blaicherrtos: Add FPU detection to ChibiOS/RT
2012-11-05 Matthias Blaicherrtos: Fix wrong ReadyList lookup in ChibiOS
2012-10-28 Matthias Blaicherrtos: Use ARRAY_SIZE instead of coding it by hand
2012-10-16 Matthias Blaicherrtos: Add ChibiOS/RT support