cfg: add stm32 flash driver alias
[openocd.git] / src / jtag /
2013-06-12 Paul Fertserconfigure: remove --enable-libusb0 option, rework libus... 34/1434/6
2013-06-12 Paul Fertserlibusb1_common, ftdi: clarify libusb_open error message 30/1430/6
2013-06-10 Spencer Oliverbuild: fix incorrect GPL address from last commit 40/1440/2
2013-06-10 Paul FertserAdd BCM2835 (as found in Raspberry Pi) interface driver 58/758/11
2013-06-05 Spencer Oliverupdate files to correct FSF address 26/1426/4
2013-06-05 Ryan CorbinAdded OpenJTAG Driver 06/1406/6
2013-06-05 Hsiangkai Wangaice: add Andes AICE support 56/1256/13
2013-06-04 Robert Jarzmikdrivers/jtag: rewrite usb_blaster driver 67/467/11
2013-06-03 Paul Fertserrlink: fix speed table generation 31/1431/2
2013-05-10 Andreas Fritiofsonremote_bitbang: De-duplicate init code and clean up... 80/1380/3
2013-05-10 Andreas Fritiofsonremote_bitbang: Convert to use getaddrinfo() 79/1379/3
2013-05-08 Paul Fertsersysfsgpio: do not try to initialise absent signals 75/1375/2
2013-05-06 Paul Fertserjtag/adapter: add connect_[de]assert_srst to reset_conf... 77/1377/2
2013-04-28 Oleksij Rempelbuild fix: ft2232 59/1359/2
2013-04-21 R. Steve McKownSupport newer OSBDM firmware 48/1348/2
2013-04-17 Spencer Oliverstlink: fix connect under reset issues 15/1315/2
2013-04-17 Spencer Oliverparport: fix parport_toggling_time regression 09/1309/2
2013-04-17 Andreas Fritiofsonft2232: remove ft2232_large_scan memory leak 78/1278/3
2013-04-17 Spencer Oliverlibusb: disable debug messages by default 14/1314/2
2013-04-11 Yann Vernierft2232: fix input scan ending in drshift/irshift 49/1049/2
2013-03-31 Spencer Oliverti_icdi: add icdi_usb_query result check 79/1279/2
2013-03-13 Stefan Mahrjtag: add support for some probes that are mostly compa... 87/687/10
2013-03-13 Stefan Mahrjtag: usb_blaster: fix allocation of usb_blaster_device... 24/1224/2
2013-03-13 Stefan Mahrjtag: parport: avoid freeing read-only memory section 23/1223/2
2013-03-13 Stefan Mahrjtag: opendous: fix tap buffer overflow 16/1216/2
2013-03-13 Rodrigo Meloft2232: ft2232_channel option added 95/1095/5
2013-03-06 Spencer Oliverti-icdi: catch failed icdi_send_cmd 80/1180/2
2013-03-06 Peter Hennspeed up ftdi by reorder to out-in 42/942/3
2013-02-25 Joerg FischerFix buffer overflow in versaloon interface 36/1136/3
2013-02-08 Franck Jullienjtag_interface: .speed can be NULL when not needed 31/1131/5
2013-01-27 Spencer Oliverjtag: only change state if necessary 14/1114/2
2013-01-27 Hsiangkai Wanglibusb: idProduct of USB device may be zero 91/1091/3
2013-01-16 Roman Reichelopendous: Inhibit unnecessary state transitions 13/1113/3
2012-12-24 Spencer Oliverstlink: print target voltage if supported 80/980/5
2012-12-24 Spencer Oliverstlink: add generic open error routine 79/979/4
2012-12-23 Spencer Olivericdi: add TI icdi interface 22/922/16
2012-12-23 Spencer Oliverhla: add ability to configure read/write buffer size 48/948/3
2012-12-23 Spencer Oliverstlink: rename stlink cmd names 21/921/7
2012-12-23 Spencer Olivertarget: add deprecated target name support 19/919/6
2012-12-23 Spencer Oliverstlink: print version info 25/925/5
2012-12-23 Spencer Oliverstlink: use common layout 18/918/5
2012-12-10 Spencer Oliverjtag: fix reset_config copy/paste error 97/997/2
2012-12-10 Spencer Oliverstlink: enable connect under reset 72/972/4
2012-12-10 Spencer Oliverjtag: enable connect under reset 71/971/4
2012-12-10 Spencer Oliverjtag: add connect_type reset_config mode flag 76/976/3
2012-11-23 Spencer Oliverstlink: format src defines 78/978/3
2012-11-12 Freddie ChopinRevert "mpsse: Always perform a general reset of the... 73/973/2
2012-10-30 Peter Stugempsse: Always perform a general reset of the MPSSE...
2012-10-08 Peter Hornrlink: Fix DTC command timeout
2012-10-04 Spencer Oliverbuild: fix broken ftd2xx bus blaster
2012-10-02 Spencer Oliversysfsgpio: remove ignoring return value build warning
2012-10-02 Spencer Oliverftdi: incorrectly using output register for direction
2012-10-02 Spencer Oliverftdi: correct ftdi_initialize error text
2012-10-02 Spencer Oliverftdi: fix adapter_init rclk fallback
2012-09-29 Peter HornFix: Error while reading from USB endpoint
2012-09-27 Spencer Oliverjtag: remove libftdi enum-compare warning
2012-09-26 Marc Reillydrivers: new jtag bitbang driver using sysfs gpio
2012-08-29 Spencer Oliverstlink: improve swd hardware reset
2012-08-29 Andreas Fritiofsonftdi: fix overflow if last field of a scan is empty
2012-08-29 Andreas Fritiofsonmpsse: check available buffer space even for discarded...
2012-08-29 Spencer Oliveradapter: remove superfluous line breaks
2012-08-29 Spencer Oliveradapter: add 'adapter speed:' prefix to output
2012-08-29 Spencer Oliverjtag: fix clang ulink memory leaks
2012-08-29 Spencer Oliverstlink: stlink_interface_init_target use hex prefix
2012-08-02 Freddie ChopinAdd missing files (header and .txt) for release.
2012-07-30 Freddie ChopinAdd support for FT232H chips
2012-07-17 Salvador ArroyoMPSSE: Add FT232H to supported chips
2012-07-17 Andreas FritiofsonAdd FTDI JTAG driver using MPSSE layer
2012-07-17 Andreas FritiofsonAdd MPSSE communications layer for FTDI chips
2012-07-11 Stefan Mahrjtag: fix opendous reset command
2012-07-11 Spencer Oliverjtag: remove redundant id check
2012-06-26 Alexander OsipenkoJ-Link: Initialize .transports to suppress warning.
2012-06-26 Mathias KFix idcode end of chain flag.
2012-06-26 Alexander OsipenkoJ-Link: Forcibly select JTAG transport
2012-06-26 Alexander OsipenkoJLink: added jlink_usb_io() function
2012-06-26 Alexander OsipenkoJ-Link Unsupported firmware version check
2012-05-25 Spencer Oliverjtag: fix incorrect LOG_DEBUG abs_chain_position
2012-05-23 Bill Traynorjtag: fix osbdm.c typo
2012-05-22 Spencer Oliverjtag: fix opendous typo
2012-05-22 Spencer Oliverjtag: remove opendous clang warnings
2012-05-21 Spencer Oliverbuild: add helper/types.h to config.h
2012-05-19 Spencer Oliverstlink: add myself to copyright header
2012-05-19 Spencer Oliverstlink: remove superfluous stlink_usb.h
2012-05-19 Spencer Oliverremote_bitbang: fix native windows build
2012-05-19 Alexander Osipenkoremote_bitbang: missed closing brace in macro REMOTE_BI...
2012-05-14 Spencer Oliverjtag: add opendous and estick support
2012-05-14 Spencer Oliverstlink: fix stlink api2 single step
2012-05-14 Spencer Oliverstlink: add stlink_api cmd
2012-05-14 Spencer Oliverstlink: stlink/v1 use v2 api if supported
2012-04-30 Spencer Oliverstlink: export write_debug_reg
2012-04-30 Spencer Oliverstlink: add hardware srst functions to stlink/v2
2012-04-30 Spencer Oliverstlink: default to latest api available
2012-04-30 Spencer Oliverstlink: add improved STLINK_JTAG_API_V2 support
2012-04-30 Spencer Oliverstlink: support stlink api result
2012-04-18 Bill Traynorzy1000: fixed link to Zylin ZY1000 JTAG Probe
2012-04-13 Spencer Oliverstlink: correctly format printed hex addresses
2012-04-10 Stephane Bonnetft2232: Support for Digilent HS1 USB adapter
2012-04-10 Simon Qiantopic: add reset functions for SWD
2012-04-10 Spencer Oliverdoxygen: remove warnings
2012-03-14 Alexandre Pereira... stlink: fix alignment build warning