helper/startup.tcl: remove proc exit
[openocd.git] / src / helper / startup.tcl
2019-04-03 Antonio Borneohelper/startup.tcl: remove proc exit 86/4986/2
2018-12-15 Antonio Borneohelper/startup.tcl: fix execution stack frame of wrappe... 31/4731/2
2015-04-14 Paul FertserTcl exception codes cleanup, shutdown command amendments 00/2600/4
2014-09-22 Andreas Fritiofsoncommand: Fix confusing syntax error message 85/2285/2
2011-10-24 Freddie ChopinFix "Evaluate 'script' in the global scope"
2011-08-11 Øyvind HarboeMerge branch 'dsp5680xx_cherry' of git://
2011-08-11 Steve BennettEvaluate 'script' in the global scope
2011-01-31 Øyvind Harboeerror: remove debug output when reporting errors
2010-09-20 Øyvind Harboestartup: removed capture_catch
2009-12-01 Zachary T Welchmake syntax errors respond with 'usage'
2009-11-28 Zachary T Welchremove unknown handler
2009-11-28 Zachary T Welchimprove command handler wrapper script
2009-11-25 Zachary T Welchimprove usage and help command output
2009-11-25 Zachary T Welchallow scripts to update usage information
2009-11-25 Zachary T Welchrewrite 'unknown' command dispatching in C
2009-11-25 Zachary T Welchimprove startup tcl scripts
2009-11-20 Zachary T Welchadd add_help_text command handler
2009-11-20 Zachary T Welchimprove 'help' command
2009-11-20 Zachary T Welchfactor help script command into parts
2009-11-18 Zachary T Welchsplit startup.tcl file across modules
2009-11-17 David BrownellARM: "armv4_5" command prefix becomes "arm"
2009-11-11 Zachary T Welchwrap help command
2009-10-14 David Brownelldoc updates to match "help" better
2009-10-09 Øyvind HarboeMerge commit 'origin/master'
2009-10-09 David Brownelladd overridable Tcl "init_reset"
2009-10-06 David BrownellMerge branch 'master' of ssh://dbrownell@openocd.git...
2009-10-06 oharboeIntroduced jtag_init and "jtag arp_init" to allow targe...
2009-09-23 dbrownellStart handling the (second) SRST stage of reset better:
2009-09-21 dbrownellRemove annoying end-of-line whitespace from most src/*
2009-09-18 dbrownellTweak TCL reset script ... mostly improving descriptions of
2009-09-14 oharboeerror message upon recursive invocation of reset from...
2009-08-30 oharboeDirk Behme <> Fix typo in...
2009-08-30 oharboeDavid Brownell <> start phasing...
2009-08-18 ntfreakJonas Horberg []
2009-07-07 oharboedelete long retired commented out code (daemon_startup)
2009-06-07 zwelchDavid Brownell <>:
2009-05-18 oharboeless weird error messages for unknown commands. Check...
2009-02-17 oharboezy1000 1.49 snapshot
2008-11-27 oharboeRick Altherr <> retire obsolete syntax
2008-11-10 oharboeexecute reset init upon power restore / srst deassert
2008-11-10 oharboeminor cleanup
2008-11-05 oharboefix telnet async messages. retired telnet_async command...
2008-11-04 oharboecpu help command wip
2008-10-31 oharboeAdded telnet_async command to enable/disable asynchronous
2008-10-27 oharboeKees Jongenburger <> - fix...
2008-10-24 ntfreak- fix native mingw build if gettimeofday not defined.
2008-10-24 oharboegdb_report_data_abort now ignores all target read error...
2008-10-22 oharboeload and verify are now synonymous to load/verify_image
2008-10-16 oharboeadded help on production proc's
2008-10-14 oharboereset cleanup. Remove obsolete events that are not...
2008-10-13 oharboeFixed gaffes in reset script handling + improved error
2008-10-01 oharboeDuane Ellis: added missing invocation of reset-init
2008-09-12 oharboeDuane Ellis: target_process_reset is now implemented...
2008-09-01 oharboeDuane Ellis: "target as an [tcl] object" feature.
2008-08-25 oharboeSTR912 uses RCLK if available
2008-07-22 oharboevery slightly improved error message for not being...
2008-07-21 oharboerestart is a per-target action
2008-07-21 oharboeAllows config scripts to override handling of 'R'(resta...
2008-07-21 oharboe- jtag_khz/speed are now single parameter only. These...
2008-07-20 fix naming confusion. Use ocd_...
2008-07-19 oharboethrow exception upon syntax error.
2008-07-19 oharboedaemon_startup is now retired in favour of adding ...
2008-07-17 oharboeCharles Hardin <> move jim into...