helper/ioutil: silence gcc-8 on strncpy
[openocd.git] / src / helper / ioutil.c
2020-05-09 Antonio Borneohelper/ioutil: silence gcc-8 on strncpy 31/5631/3
2019-05-14 Antonio Borneohelper/command: change prototype of command_print/comma... 81/5081/2
2019-04-07 Antonio BorneoSet empty usage field for commands that do not need... 24/5024/2
2016-05-24 Marc SchinkRemove FSF address from GPL notices 88/3488/3
2016-05-08 Alexander KurzHelper ioutil: cleanup: removing dead code 40/3240/3
2015-11-03 Marc Schinkhelper/ioutil: Rename MixedCaps function. 57/2957/2
2013-10-31 Andreas Fritiofsonioutil: Remove unnecessary casts and fix const-discarding 77/1777/2
2013-06-05 Spencer Oliverupdate files to correct FSF address 26/1426/4
2012-10-28 Edgar Grimbergioutil: make the file compile on MacOS
2012-03-13 Øyvind Harboeecosboard: delete bit-rotted eCos code
2012-02-06 Spencer Oliverbuild: cleanup src/helper directory
2012-01-04 Mathias KChange return value on error.
2012-01-04 Øyvind Harboeretire ERROR_INVALID_ARGUMENTS and replace with ERROR_C...
2011-01-05 Eric Wetzelnit: do not add \n at end of LOG_ERROR
2011-01-03 Øyvind Harboeerror handling: the error number is not part of the...
2010-08-02 Øyvind Harboeioutil: fix internal fn names
2010-01-09 David Brownellsrc/helper: usage/help updates
2009-12-04 Zachary T Welchswitch 'rm' command away from using Jim
2009-11-28 Zachary T Welchremove redundant 'rm' command handler
2009-11-25 Zachary T Welchadd jim_handler to command_registration
2009-11-25 Zachary T Welchioutil: use register_commands()
2009-11-25 Zachary T Welchuse COMMAND_REGISTER macro
2009-11-17 Zachary T Welchcommand_handler: change 'cmd_ctx' to CMD_CTX
2009-11-17 Zachary T Welchcommand_handler: change 'args' to CMD_ARGV
2009-11-17 Zachary T Welchcommand_handler: change to 'argc' to CMD_ARGC
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchcommand_context_t -> struct command_context
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchcommand_handler_t: make argc unsigned
2009-11-13 Zachary T Welchuse COMMAND_HANDLER macro to define all commands
2009-07-17 oharboeAndreas Fritiofson <> UTF8...
2009-06-23 zwelchRemove whitespace that occurs before ')'.
2009-06-23 zwelchRemove whitespace that occurs after '('.
2009-06-23 zwelch- Fixes '+' whitespace
2009-06-23 zwelch- Fixes '=' whitespace
2009-06-23 zwelch- Fixes '==' whitespace
2009-06-23 zwelch- Fixes '&&' whitespace
2009-06-23 zwelch- Fixes '!=' whitespace
2009-06-23 zwelch- Replace 'if(' with 'if ('.
2009-06-17 zwelchFix compilation for Ubuntu 9.04 on x86-64 when using...
2009-06-11 oharboefix ordering of arguments to fwrite()
2009-06-05 oharboeremove unused include file: inttypes.h
2009-05-21 oharboedelete unused code
2009-05-21 oharboefix warning. Use %p for pointers
2009-05-21 zwelchAdditional format warning fixes in ioutil, required...
2009-05-19 oharboefix warnings
2009-05-11 oharboeleave eCos include file issues alone for now.
2009-05-11 zwelchSimplify #include directives in ioutil.c, use new heade...
2009-05-11 zwelchRemove redundant sys/types.h #include directives (now...
2009-05-08 zwelchFix typo from hurrying the last commit. Nothing to...
2009-05-08 zwelchFix loadFile to return file length once again.
2009-05-08 zwelchFix warnings in ioutil.c; improves loadFile inteface.
2009-01-09 oharboemoved ioutil init to the right spot: before config...
2008-12-22 oharboecygwin fixes
2008-12-17 oharboehouskeeping
2008-12-15 ntfreak- add missing svn props from r1243 commit
2008-12-15 oharboesync up to tap_xxx rename + add with-ioutil for standal...