stm32l1/Cat.3: Devices have only one bank.
[openocd.git] / src / flash / nor / stm32lx.c
2016-05-20 Uwe Bonnesstm32l1/Cat.3: Devices have only one bank. 90/3490/2
2016-05-04 Andreas Fritiofsonstm32lx: Add support for lock/unlock (RDP Level 0<->1) 34/3234/2
2016-02-29 Uwe Bonnesstm32lx.c: Print device string as info. 62/3362/3
2016-02-29 Uwe Bonnesstm32lx.c: Add STM32L0 categories 1, 2 and 5. 60/3360/5
2016-02-29 Alexander KurzCleanup: removal of obsolete semicolons 67/3367/2
2015-02-12 Paul Fertserflash/nor/stm32lx: add all the IDs and revisions from... 95/2495/3
2015-02-04 Jussi Kivilinnastm32lx: do not attempt mass-erase in-place of first... 41/2441/7
2015-02-04 Paul Fertserflash/nor/stm32lx: use 0 base to autodetect second... 03/2503/2
2015-02-04 Paul Fertserflash/nor/stm32l: unify waiting for busy flag functions 91/2491/3
2015-02-04 Paul Fertserflash/nor/stm32l: fix mass erase 90/2490/3
2014-10-06 Rémi PRUD'HOMMEstm32: add mass erase support for STM32L 19/2319/4
2014-09-15 Andrey Yurovskystm32lx: don't allow part_info to be uninitialized 76/2276/5
2014-08-19 Andrey Yurovskystm32lx: refactor and add support for STM32L0xx 00/2200/7
2014-03-17 Andreas Fritiofsonflash: Constify write buffer 40/2040/2
2013-12-14 Spencer Oliverflash: revert incorrect stm32f1 default_padded_value 33/1833/2
2013-11-06 Andrey Yurovskystm32l flash: add another device ID 90/1790/2
2013-10-31 Andreas FritiofsonRemove unnecessary casts 67/1767/2
2013-10-31 Paul FertserClean up many C99 integer types format specifiers 74/1674/4
2013-08-15 Andrey Yurovskystm32lx flash: fix flash size for Medium+ devices 22/1522/6
2013-07-15 Andreas Fritiofsonflash/stm32*: Sync all device/rev IDs with reference... 97/1497/2
2013-07-15 Andreas Fritiofsonflash/stm32*: Rewrite info functions 96/1496/2
2013-07-15 Andreas Fritiofsonflash/stm32*: Remove the halted check in protect_check 95/1495/2
2013-07-15 Spencer Oliverflash: add missing stm32l medium+ device id 91/1491/3
2013-06-05 Spencer Oliverupdate files to correct FSF address 26/1426/4
2013-03-06 Spencer Oliverflash: fix stm32 failed probe using incorrect flash... 87/1187/2
2013-02-25 Johan Almquiststm32: add support for stm32l1x 256k high density singl... 40/1140/2
2013-02-25 Johan Almquiststm32: add support for the STM32Lx 384kb dual bank... 25/1125/9
2013-02-25 Spencer Oliverstm32: enable flash bank size override 32/1132/3
2013-02-02 Spencer Oliverarmv7m: use ARM_MODE_THREAD core mode for algoorithm's 08/1108/4
2013-02-02 Spencer Oliverarmv7m: use generic arm::core_mode 66/966/6
2013-01-21 Spencer Oliverflash: add stm32lx loader Hard Fault workaround 10/1010/5
2013-01-21 Spencer Oliverflash: reduce stm32lx loader timeout 09/1009/5
2013-01-21 Spencer Oliverflash: cleanup stm32lx driver 08/1008/5
2012-12-30 Spencer Oliverflash: stm32lx fallback to slow memory writes when... 07/1007/2
2012-12-30 Spencer Oliverflash: add new stm32l HD variant 03/1003/2
2012-10-08 Andreas Fritiofsonflash/nor: make all working area pointers local
2012-07-30 Andreas Fritiofsonflash: reduce code duplication in stm32 flash probe
2012-07-30 Spencer Oliverflash: fix stm32 flash driver typo's
2012-07-30 Spencer Oliverflash: handle zero when reading stm32 flash size reg
2012-07-30 Spencer Oliverflash: stm32l handle flash size read failure
2012-07-30 Spencer Oliverflash: add stm32l Revision X support
2012-04-13 Mathias KSTM32L: Write partial-page flash data after full-page...
2012-02-29 Spencer Oliverflash: add stm32lx High Density Devices
2012-02-29 Spencer Oliverflash: change stm32lx driver probe behaviour
2012-02-06 Spencer Oliverbuild: cleanup src/flash/nor directory
2012-01-12 Spencer Olivercmd: add missing usage var
2012-01-12 Spencer Oliverflash: use correct device_id mask
2012-01-12 Mathias Koptimize: replace while loop by memcpy
2012-01-04 Mathias KChange return value on error.
2011-10-03 Clément Burin des... STM32L: Added flash driver and target