doc, README: mention all the variants supported by lpc2000 driver
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2015-02-12 Paul Fertserdoc, README: mention all the variants supported by... 08/2508/3
2015-02-11 Paul Fertserflash/startup: extend "program" command to accept ... 92/2492/3
2015-02-11 Andreas Bomholtzsim3x: new flash driver for Silabs SiM3 microcontroller... 78/2078/19
2015-02-11 Joerg FischerJ-Link serial number config option 21/2521/3
2015-02-11 Paul Fertserdoc: document the OCL (on chip flash loader) driver 29/2529/2
2015-02-11 Tomas Vanekpsoc4: support for Cypress PSoC 41xx/42xx family 82/2282/6
2015-02-04 Paul Fertserflash/nor/stm32lx: use 0 base to autodetect second... 03/2503/2
2015-02-04 Paul Fertserdoc: add stm32lx mass_erase description 02/2502/2
2015-01-15 Spencer Oliverdocs: update bug tracker URL 54/2454/3
2014-11-24 Alexei Colindoc: flash: write_image writes only loadable sections 48/2348/2
2014-10-16 Spencer Olivercmsis-dap: add serial number support 29/2329/3
2014-10-06 Paul Fertserhla: add a way to pass arbitrary commands from user... 63/2263/4
2014-10-06 Andrey Yurovskyat91samd: fix protect, add EEPROM and boot commands 26/2326/5
2014-10-06 Andrey Yurovskyat91samd: add erase/secure commands, minor fix 39/2239/7
2014-09-29 Paul Fertserdoc/openocd.texi: add SWD to the transports supported... 24/2324/2
2014-09-22 Andreas Fritiofsontarget: Remove "-variant" argument 83/2283/2
2014-09-22 Austin PhillipsSupport hla_serial command for ST-LINK adapters. 98/2198/8
2014-06-28 Paul Fertserjtag/drivers/ftdi: add option to declare signal aliases 81/2181/3
2014-06-01 Cosmin GorgovanFlash/LPC2000: Add support for auto-probing flash size 75/2075/12
2014-06-01 Cosmin GorgovanFlash/LPC2000: Add support for LPC11(x)xx, LPC13xx 71/2071/16
2014-05-05 Paul Fertserdoc: document [start end] parameters of "profile" command 15/2115/2
2014-03-29 Paul Fertsertcl: introduce init_target_events and use it for gdb... 62/2062/2
2014-03-17 Paul Fertseropenocd.texi: document Tcl RPC and add an example client 15/1915/2
2014-03-07 Andreas FritiofsonRename and sort udev rules file 69/1969/4
2014-02-24 Andrey Smirnovnrf51: Implement the support for Nordic's nRF51 devices 45/1945/11
2014-02-11 Adrian Burnsquark_x10xx: add new target quark_x10xx 29/1829/4
2014-02-04 Spencer Oliverdoc: add missing reg command argument 'force' 97/1897/3
2014-02-04 Spencer Oliverdoc: update CMSIS-DAP info to match default driver... 02/1902/2
2014-01-20 Andreas Fritiofsondoc: Add Gerrit to the Developer resources section 85/1885/2
2014-01-15 Robert P. J. DayGrammatical cleanup to Tcl Scripting chapter of User... 72/1872/4
2014-01-11 Robert P. J. DayA few more grammar and typo fixes from the User's Guide. 63/1863/2
2014-01-11 Robert P. J. DayRemove obsolete tip referring to 2010 removal of TAP... 62/1862/2
2014-01-11 Robert P. J. DayProofreading, typo and grammar fixes to Ch 10 User... 61/1861/2
2014-01-09 Spencer Olivercmsis-dap: add initial cmsis-dap support 42/1542/19
2014-01-08 Paul Fertsertools: add firmware recovery helpers 50/1850/5
2014-01-08 Robert P. J. DayNumerous pedantic fixes to the User's Guide, including... 55/1855/2
2013-12-22 Mathias Kstlink: remove stlink_api command 60/1760/4
2013-12-14 Sergio Chicotopic: Support for the Xilinx BSCAN_* Virtual JTAG... 06/1806/4
2013-10-29 James G. Smithhla/stlink: Re-order trace parameters to allow trace... 60/1660/3
2013-10-29 Paul Fertsertcl: add memory testing functions for board diagnostics 55/1455/4
2013-10-07 Spencer Oliverflash: add padded_value cmd 35/1635/2
2013-09-26 Franck JullienAdd new target type: OpenRISC 47/1547/16
2013-09-25 Spencer Oliverdoc: correctly terminate @xref 37/1637/2
2013-09-08 Franck Jullienjtag: drivers: Add JTAP VPI client driver 09/1609/4
2013-08-29 Spencer Oliverdocs: add RTOS Support info 38/1538/3
2013-08-29 Pushpal SidhuAdded new ftdi interface device 63/1563/2
2013-08-29 Franck Julliendoc: Add gdb target description commands 52/1552/2
2013-08-19 Pushpal Sidhudoc: update GW16042 hardware information 53/1553/2
2013-08-07 Spencer Oliverdocs: remove mixed case typo 40/1540/2
2013-08-07 Andrey Yurovskystlink: add SWO tracing support 24/1524/6
2013-08-01 Spencer Oliverdocs: add missing embKernel rtos arg to docs 29/1529/2
2013-06-10 Paul FertserAdd BCM2835 (as found in Raspberry Pi) interface driver 58/758/11
2013-05-30 William M.A. Traynoruser guide: Update the ZY1000 description. 57/1357/3
2013-05-02 Freddie Chopindoc: add info about FT232H and JTAG-lock-pick Tiny... 67/1367/2
2013-05-02 Freddie Chopindoc: Update list of interfaces, targets and boards 66/1366/2
2013-04-28 Spencer Olivertarget: rename cortex_a8 to cortex_a 30/1130/5
2013-04-28 Spencer Olivertarget: rename cortex_m3 to cortex_m 29/1129/5
2013-04-28 Freddie ChopinMention "lpc4300" (with "lpc1800" alias) flash drivers... 52/1352/2
2013-04-11 Michel JAOUENarm_adi_v5: fix for csw nonsecure access. 76/1276/3
2013-03-28 Spencer Oliverdocs: update incorrect urls 48/1248/3
2013-03-28 Spencer Oliverdocs: remove unnecessary whitespace 45/1245/2
2013-03-28 Spencer Oliverdocs: fix html anchor xref links 44/1244/2
2013-03-13 Rodrigo Melodoc: opendous interface based on ft2232H 98/1098/4
2013-03-12 Spencer Olivertcl: add flash programming helper 99/1199/3
2013-02-25 Spencer Oliverstm32: enable flash bank size override 32/1132/3
2013-01-21 Spencer Oliverdocs: update stm32f1x/stm32f2x driver info 90/990/5
2013-01-14 Roman Dflash: EFM32 flash implementation 06/1106/6
2013-01-03 Andreas Fritiofsondoc: Add documentation for the ftdi driver 99/1099/2
2012-12-23 Spencer Oliverdoc: replace luminary with TI urls's 70/970/7
2012-12-23 Spencer Oliverdocs: update docs to include info on TI ICDI 24/924/15
2012-12-10 Spencer Oliverjtag: add connect_type reset_config mode flag 76/976/3
2012-10-18 Spencer Oliverdocs: mention extended-remote support
2012-10-16 Matthias Blaicherrtos: Add ChibiOS/RT support
2012-09-26 George HarrisAdded SPIFI flash driver, algorithms, and docs
2012-09-06 Spencer Oliverdocs: add user mailing list and irc info
2012-07-30 Spencer Oliverdoc: add missing ulink v1 to supported interfaces
2012-06-26 Liviu Ionescudocs: J-Link commands added to the manual
2012-05-21 Spencer Olivertarget: enable TARGET_EVENT_EXAMINE_* events
2012-05-21 Spencer Olivertarget: remove legacy target events
2012-05-21 Spencer Olivertarget: remove duplicate target events
2012-05-21 Bill TraynorUserGuide: Updated list of supported interfaces, boards...
2012-05-14 Peter Stugedocs: Fix incorrect -rtos option values
2012-05-14 Spencer Oliverdocs: add initial target rtos support info
2012-05-14 Spencer Oliverjtag: add opendous and estick support
2012-05-14 Spencer Oliverstlink: add stlink_api cmd
2012-04-26 Olivier Schonkentopic: Added support for the SAM4S variants
2012-04-23 Bill TraynorUserGuide: Fixing link to USBprog tool.
2012-04-23 Bill TraynorUserGuide: Updated link to Versaloon-Link tool.
2012-04-23 Bill TraynorUserGuide: Fixed link to Wiggler2 project.
2012-04-23 Bill TraynorUserGuide: Fixed link to ST flashlink.
2012-04-23 Bill TraynorUserGuide: Fixing two typos.
2012-04-20 Bill TraynorUserGuide: Fixed link to Raisonance RLINK.
2012-04-20 Bill TraynorUserGuide: Update Section 2.3 USB FT2232 Based
2012-04-20 Bill TraynorUserGuide: Add ref. to Flyswatter2
2012-04-20 Bill TraynorUserGuide: Fixed link to USB-JTAG project.
2012-04-20 Bill TraynorUserGuide: Fixed link to IAR J-Link.
2012-04-18 Bill Traynorzy1000: fixed link to Zylin ZY1000 JTAG Probe
2012-04-10 Stephane Bonnetft2232: Support for Digilent HS1 USB adapter
2012-03-13 Spencer Oliverdocs: add stm32 dual bank example
2012-03-11 Øyvind Harboeflash: retire unused eCos flash driver