tcl/board: Add config for the Amazon Kindle 2 and DX
[openocd.git] / contrib / 60-openocd.rules
2018-12-06 Antonio Borneostlink: add support for STLINK-V3 17/4717/3
2018-12-06 Antonio Borneostlink: add usb pid for v2.1 without mass storage device 02/4702/2
2018-09-25 Antonio Borneocontrib/60-openocd.rules: provide hint to reload udev... 65/4665/3
2018-05-31 Edward Fewelljtag/drivers: Add support for TI XDS110 debug probe 22/4322/6
2017-05-12 Forest Crossmanjtag/drivers: Add Cypress KitProg driver 21/3221/48
2017-04-24 Karl Palssonudev: Add rules for Ambiq Micro EVK's. 80/3980/2
2016-12-25 Jiri Kastnercontrib: udev: modify rules for users physically in... 04/2804/5