at91samd: add chip IDs for SAMC20 and SAMC21 families
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2015-05-17 Paul FertserRestore normal development cycle
2015-05-17 Paul FertserThe openocd-0.9.0 release v0.9.0
2015-04-24 Paul FertserRestore -dev suffix
2015-04-24 Paul FertserThe openocd-0.9.0-rc1 release candidate v0.9.0-rc1
2015-02-04 Paul Fertserconfigure: define WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN early to make... 86/2486/3
2014-10-16 Spencer Oliverbuild: make makeinfo optional 25/2325/2
2014-08-02 Paul FertserProvide od+sed replacement for the bin2char helper 39/2139/7
2014-07-03 Fatih Aşıcıvsllink: Port to libusb-1.0 API 52/1952/7
2014-06-22 Paul Fertserconfigure: fix formatting when "echo -n" is not supported 72/2172/2
2014-05-31 Paul correct test for USB_BLASTER_DRIVER AM... 59/2159/2
2014-04-27 Paul FertserRestore normal development cycle
2014-04-27 Paul FertserThe openocd-0.8.0 release v0.8.0
2014-04-15 Paul FertserRestore -dev suffix
2014-04-15 Paul FertserThe openocd-0.8.0-rc2 release candidate v0.8.0-rc2
2014-04-14 Paul Fertserconfigure: presto ftdi driver requires libftdi 01/2101/2
2014-03-30 Paul FertserRestore -dev suffix
2014-03-30 Paul FertserThe openocd-0.8.0-rc1 release candidate v0.8.0-rc1
2014-03-28 Andreas Fritiofsonft2232: Mark interface driver as deprecated 99/1899/4
2014-01-20 Franck Jullienjtag/drivers: add USB-Blaster II 91/1791/8
2014-01-09 Spencer Olivercmsis-dap: add initial cmsis-dap support 42/1542/19
2013-12-22 Mathias Kbuild: remove hard coded ftdi and usb libraries 59/1759/13
2013-10-21 Martin SchmölzerFix ULINK driver dependencies in 99/1699/3
2013-09-26 Franck JullienAdd new target type: OpenRISC 47/1547/16
2013-09-26 Paul FertserRequire Autoconf >= 2.64 56/1656/2
2013-09-16 Stephan Linzconfigure: expand library search for libftd2xx 14/1614/2
2013-09-13 Andreas Fritiofsonconfigure: Add libusb-1.0 header bug workaround 34/1534/4
2013-09-13 Paul Fertserconfigure: auto-enable USB adapters based on libusb... 75/1475/7
2013-09-13 Paul Fertserlibusb: require pkg-config support 67/1467/8
2013-09-08 Franck Jullienjtag: drivers: Add JTAP VPI client driver 09/1609/4
2013-07-30 Andreas Remove obsolete(?) oddity 30/1530/2
2013-07-30 Paul Fertserautomake: use subdir-objects option 17/1517/2
2013-07-17 Martin SchmölzerULINK driver: port from libusb-0.1 to libusb-1.0 API 59/1459/6
2013-07-15 Paul Fertserconfigure: remove AM_MAINTAINER_MODE, effectively alway... 76/1476/4
2013-07-11 Paul Fertserft2232_libftdi: perform basic configure checking when... 73/1473/2
2013-06-14 Spencer Oliverbuild: add missing configure quotes 45/1445/2
2013-06-14 Spencer Oliverbuild: fix incorrect configure quotes 44/1444/2
2013-06-12 Paul Fertserconfigure: remove --enable-libusb0 option, rework libus... 34/1434/6
2013-06-12 Paul Fertserlibusb1_common, ftdi: clarify libusb_open error message 30/1430/6
2013-06-10 Paul FertserAdd BCM2835 (as found in Raspberry Pi) interface driver 58/758/11
2013-06-05 Ryan CorbinAdded OpenJTAG Driver 06/1406/6
2013-06-05 Hsiangkai Wangaice: add Andes AICE support 56/1256/13
2013-06-04 Robert Jarzmikdrivers/jtag: rewrite usb_blaster driver 67/467/11
2013-05-05 Freddie ChopinRestore normal development cycle
2013-05-05 Freddie ChopinThe openocd-0.7.0 release. v0.7.0
2013-04-28 Freddie ChopinRestore -dev suffix
2013-04-28 Freddie ChopinThe openocd-0.7.0-rc2 release candidate. v0.7.0-rc2
2013-04-28 Spencer Oliverbuild: fix libftd2xx regression 55/1355/2
2013-04-21 Freddie ChopinRestore -dev suffix
2013-04-21 Freddie ChopinThe openocd-0.7.0-rc1 release candidate. v0.7.0-rc1
2013-01-20 Spencer Oliverbuild: replace deprecated AM_CONFIG_HEADER with AC_CONF... 17/1117/2
2012-12-23 Spencer Olivericdi: add TI icdi interface 22/922/16
2012-12-23 Spencer Olivertarget: add deprecated target name support 19/919/6
2012-10-04 Spencer Oliverbuild: fix broken ftd2xx bus blaster
2012-09-26 Marc Reillydrivers: new jtag bitbang driver using sysfs gpio
2012-09-07 Freddie ChopinRestore -dev suffix, archive NEWS file, add new blank...
2012-09-07 Freddie ChopinThe openocd-0.6.0 release. v0.6.0
2012-09-06 Spencer Oliverconfigure: use consistent help text
2012-08-29 Freddie ChopinRestore -dev tag.
2012-08-29 Freddie ChopinThe openocd-0.6.0-rc2 release candidate. v0.6.0-rc2
2012-08-24 Andreas Fix misspelled variable
2012-08-02 Freddie ChopinRestore "-dev" tag.
2012-08-02 Freddie ChopinThe openocd-0.6.0-rc1 release candidate. v0.6.0-rc1
2012-07-30 Freddie ChopinAdd support for FT232H chips
2012-07-17 Andreas FritiofsonAdd FTDI JTAG driver using MPSSE layer
2012-05-21 Spencer Oliverbuild: add helper/types.h to config.h
2012-05-14 Spencer Oliverjtag: add opendous and estick support
2012-03-30 Spencer Oliverbuild: correctly quote m4 parameters
2012-03-13 Øyvind Harboeecosboard: delete bit-rotted eCos code
2012-03-13 Jan Dakinevichjtag: basic support for P&E Micro OSBDM (aka OSJTAG...
2012-01-03 Mathias KST-LINK USB initial release
2011-12-19 Spencer Oliverbuild: libusb use AC_CHECK_HEADER
2011-12-19 Spencer Oliverbuild: update to using new AC_OUTPUT macro
2011-12-19 Spencer Oliverbuild: correctly quote m4 parameters
2011-12-12 Mauro Gambajlink libusb-1.0 driver.
2011-11-18 Mauro Gambalibusb-1.0 support
2011-10-11 Spencer Oliverreplace berlios url's with sourceforge url's 09/9/1
2011-09-30 Steve Bennettjim-nvp is moving from jimtcl to openocd
2011-09-02 Richard UhlerImplementation of a new jtag remote_bitbang driver.
2011-08-16 Spencer Oliverbuild: check buspirate build host
2011-08-16 Spencer Oliverbuild: check can be found/executed
2011-08-16 Spencer Oliverbuild: rename to