Extend autotools build to create shared library libopenocd with libtool:
[openocd.git] / Makefile.am
2009-05-10 zwelchExtend autotools build to create shared library libopen...
2009-05-02 zwelchUpdate autotools scripts to require automake 1.6. ...
2009-01-21 kc8apfAdd udev rules to contrib. Courtesy of Uwe Hermann... v0.1.0
2009-01-20 kc8apfFixes for handling release versions
2009-01-20 kc8apfFix 'make maintainer-clean' courtesy of Zach Welch...
2009-01-16 ntfreak- add guess-rev.sh and contrib/libdcc to dist
2007-11-21 ntfreak- reset_run now works as expected on cortex-m3
2006-06-02 drath- prepare OpenOCD for branching, created ./trunk/