at91samd: add chip IDs for SAMC20 and SAMC21 families
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2014-11-24 Uwe BonnesHacking: Some note how to review. 80/2380/3
2013-04-21 Freddie ChopinImprove HACKING 50/1350/4
2013-03-13 Spencer Oliverdocs: add gerrit http password url 07/1207/3
2013-03-07 Spencer Oliverdocs: use doxygen keywords for formatting 10/1210/2
2013-02-28 Freddie ChopinUpdate HACKING info 47/747/4
2012-12-30 Andreas Fritiofsondoc: Clarify the topic field in the commit comment... 01/1101/2
2012-11-16 Spencer Oliverdoc: update to new sourceforge git url 82/982/3
2012-08-02 Freddie ChopinUpdate link and instructions about ssh keys in HACKING
2012-04-20 Spencer Oliverdocs: update gerrit publish refs
2012-04-18 Bill TraynorHACKING: Fix instruction for git pull --rebase
2012-04-10 Spencer Oliverdoxygen: remove warnings
2012-04-04 Spencer Oliverdocs: add gerrit server url
2012-04-04 Ulf Samuelssontools/
2012-01-18 Timo Ketoladoc: Update patch procedure
2011-12-12 Øyvind HarboeHACKING: add explanation why we want cool-off times...
2011-12-05 rodrigo_l_rosaHACKING - checkpatch before pushing makes life quicker
2011-11-03 Øyvind HarboeHACKING: all you need is http access
2011-10-15 Jim NorrisAdd some more detail for setting up Gerrit account.
2011-10-12 Peter StugeMerge "docs: update HACKING to point to Gerrit"
2011-10-12 Øyvind Harboedocs: update HACKING to point to Gerrit 17/17/2
2011-06-12 Øyvind HarboeHACKING: add tip on how to write comments
2011-03-30 Øyvind Harboedocs: add HACKING file to help users get started with...